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  1. A non-smoker is one who quits regardless of desire. I haven't smoked in years but I still 'need' one psychologically when someone dies, I break up with someone, or someone cuts me off in traffic... B| I think about it. I dismiss it. It's hard. It's really hard when smokers offer me one when I really want one. At least the higher prices keep people from being as enablingly generous now.

    That's why they call it an addiction. However, you ante up and you deal with it even though it really sucks. Such is life...

  2. Frenchy68's tend to be very tough. I think the mountain lion would taste him and spit him back out and Nico would just laugh. I could be wrong though. Maybe fatherhood & family have softened him up a little... :ph34r:


    get eaten by a mountain lion.

  3. I sort of preferred 010110 because it just felt (showing my age here a little or else maybe just my geeketteness) well... binary. B| Also, the UK's can't argue with that one...

    Been awhile since I've been here... posts in bonfire alone had reached over 10000... lmao.

  4. Quote

    Alright I just read the first page of people telling you that you're a dick.

    I don't think so!

    If you said, while still in the store, that you didn't want to see that movie, and she rented it anyway, then what you have is a brat of a girlfriend.

    What if you had picked up 2 Fast 2 Furious, and she said (while still in the store) "theres no way I'm watching that", do you think you would have made it to the register with that movie?

    The "compromise" should have happened while you were in the video store. Pick out a movie you both want to see.

    So all that being said, you didn't find a movie you both wanted to watch, and she took home the movie she wanted, so yeah, you should have sucked it up and watched it.


  5. Easter egg candies and a good chocolate Easter Bunny. It's just not an Easter Basket without a chocolate bunny in it. Get yourself one and you can discuss whether to eat the ears first or not. Jelly beans and yellow or pink marshmallow peeps. Spring color and sparkly nail polishes. Sparkly Easter grass to line it with.... Easter was my favorite holiday... and you have to hide the basket and have her search for it. FYI- dryers are NOT good places to hide Easter Baskets. B|