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  1. the jump doesnt take you right to the ground, no sure how far off it u are (bout 10m i think) but check out the AJ Hackett website and youll see that it is a 9sec fall![url]
  2. well all i can say is i wish i shared your confidence and ability not to find that terrifying! maybe ill change once i have a load o jumps behind me!
  3. Bungie jumping is fucking boring its alot o things but i aint heard it called borin! dont suppose u jumped Nevis have you, that def aint boring (a minimum of 134m freefall into a canyon and the fall takes 9s-not much to a skydive freefall but much worse!)
  4. its definitely scary! hav u done a jump? its worth tryin it just to get the feelin, i tell u though, the freefall feels completely different, ie. as though u aint gonna bounce back!!!
  5. so what do you think is more scary, bungy or skydive? i think bungy BY FAR!!!!! skydive=fun, bungy=AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! did the bungy at new zealand, kawarau bridge and the ledge at queenstown (but the 2nd was well fun!)
  6. im a blonde chick but even i thought that was quite amusing! ill try no to take it personally! hehe
  7. Quoteget tired of waiting after about 37.6 seconds, and end up eating half-cooked pizza. hehe! that sounds just like me every night when im makin tea! i always wait til i get hungry then im starvin by th time i get cookin and end up eatin raw food! this post really sounds like im a bit o a miss piggy! hehe!
  8. that sounds sooooo yummy!!! def one that i will hav to try! hav to admit i am quite a big cheese fan!
  9. i LOVE jalapenos (but never heard o krunchers or fritolay). and what is bickfords and IHOP? im fae scotland and aint heard o them! and whats white castle?
  10. ye, will def keep you posted (unless i hit the deck of course....hehe, hopefully not!) and by the way i found the tandem no too bad, was strapped to a guy whose jumped over 5500 jumps and he was really great and of course the scenery was fantastic!!! when he pulled the ripcord i was in severe pain though...didnt enjoy that bit!!!
  11. wen i leave a nightclub/pub i always get the munchies for chips n' cheese (and a wee bit o pakora sauce is always good! - dont knock it til u try it, seriously!) wat bout u folks, wat really hits the spot after a night out on the town? im on the lookout for some new 'munchies' ideas in case theyre outta cheese!
  12. cheers koz and dougie! i already been lookin up the glossary bit on this site and its really quite helpful! theres just so much to learn (constant learnin) and i cant wait! thats wat i love about the sport, it aint just done one way, theres a whole range o different stuff u can do!!!!
  13. cheers for that jerry! ill take a look and get meself trained up! hopefully i wont sound like such a dunce about it sooN!" hehe!
  14. cheers for the good luck folks and swedishcelt good luck to you too! its gonna be good!
  15. ive just been readin some folks posts in the forum and i hav no idea wat some/most o the lingo means? ie wats the difference between belly flyin and freefallin? does anyone know of a good place to look to find out more about skydivin? cheers! xxxxx