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    PM sent
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    ITW 6/30-7/5

    Anybody going to be playing there during that time? Got a small crew rolling in and was hoping to hook up with some locals. Should be there in time for an evening load on the 30th. Been there before and will tread lightly. e-mail base578@yahoo.com ciao! Ray BASE #578
  3. Easy now Sirhoytalot...we don't live on the forum.crazy] E-mail me as I don't check PM's often base578@yahoo.com Let me know who you are, experience, and a reference and we might be able to help you tomorrow am. Ray BASE #578
  4. Condolences to his family and crew! Sucks... ray BASE #578
  5. Anyone planning to be there during that time? Just booked flights. Also, if any locals have the info on the new weather thingy that would be great. Just had the girls at the bar last time for wind reports 2 years ago. later, ray
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    Michael Jordon retired too...say it isn't so! If gay porn is your calling then have at it! We'll miss ya at the exit point but hope you will still help ward off the CCS if we ever stop by your neck of the woods. You are are always welcome to attempt to drink with the ATL crew. We have no problems sending you home bloody, violated, and hungover! Keep the rig...Brandy will only put it in the water! Seriously keep in touch bro and good luck to ya!
  7. raym666

    ITW Fatality

    F@*K!!! He will be missed...be careful out there!!!
  8. This has bad news written all over it.......... I was planning on visiting later in 2007...hope it is still open. The topography, wind, and sensitivity are all wrong for a 30+ way. Not to mention the min requirements are way too low for this object. Can't they try this in Kazakhstan!
  9. Whatcha got cookin Mr. Amodeo? Ray BASE #578
  10. Wow...seeing their faces does bring back some great memories. Can still see Slim at the end of the ramp at Ostankino. Stay safe ish! ray
  11. Wow I would be that great too but my package is soooo huge that it interferes with my aerodynamic flying characteristics....but chicks dig it! Going to eat now...
  12. Can't we all just luv each other? Nah...f*ck that..."Fighting Solves Everything!"
  13. Beware of traffic from hell in Milan if you drive that route!!
  14. Had a great time...no razor wire...no water...Jedei fog skills...you might turn out ok! Now we have to re train Gunns...anti teather ball training will be lesson one! "Man it looks kinda dark." Nah just the fog...
  15. Not to mention elusive yet deadly Carolina Corn Snake! Some of their other activities include bull milking and other un speakable acts! NC is a very dangerous place...fences are high and razor wire sharp!
  16. Sucks! Hang in there UK Crew!
  17. Come on down...got some stuff we can play on and at very least send you home with liver trauma! That was not Brandy's first razor wire strike! I think she needs counseling.
  18. Had a blast and it is great you know you are fearless Mike!!! The rest of your crew crumbled in fear knowing that a run in with the ruthless and deadly CCS was certain! Add bull stare downs to our list of accomplishments...especially ill tempered ones with frikin laser beams on their heads!