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  1. tr027


    If the start time is what you're focused on I would venture to guess it depends more on stall speed of the suit than inlet or airlock mechanics.
  2. tr027

    problems flying a v3

    I'd suggest doublecheck what your upper body is doing- that you're spine and shoulders are straight/flat instead of curved/dearched.
  3. tr027

    Weekend pics

  4. tr027

    Was V4; X-bird1 wing inflation issue

    That guy is lucky to be alive...
  5. tr027

    V4 vs X2

    The venom armwing would compare closer, in case you have an extra venom laying around.
  6. tr027

    Vented classic accuracy canopies ??

    Yes, the accuracy guy at my DZ has a canopy with square vents.
  7. tr027

    BASE pouch and skydiving

    These types of accidents do happen and have happened on BOC pouches without the pouch itself catching the flak for the cause. IMO, the cause in both BOC and leg pouch incidents is user error. It is true that skydiving students aren't formally trained on the use of the leg pouch so this may require us to acknowledge leg pouch use requires tapping rare, sophisticated powers of common sense and continual inspection/maintenance of the gear.
  8. No need to cut apart the bridle, we now have the technology: Ask if your rigger has a device called a "stitch picker". Use the device on one of the sides of the flap. Locate and install flap per PF directions, then sew back the side of the flap.
  9. tr027

    V3 impressions

    Yeah, the length and the leg tailoring take getting used to, but damn it's fast and glides like a champ. The flying position is more intuitive also.
  10. Ah, easy solution once you think of it: instead of 3 cubic meter slots use 6 or 9 cubic meter slots until noone is out of their predetermined slot anymore. Additionally, they are all record attempts and records, as long as you don't include the word "Official".
  11. tr027

    WS with leg pouch, shrivel flap

    Perhaps check to see that the 'birdman pilot chute' is the correct size for your canopy.
  12. tr027

    Nitro/Nitron for wingsuiting?

    I think Ed/bodypilot1 @ WestCoast Wingsuits would be able to give you lots of input on that situation.
  13. I replaced my lost one with a parasport cup. You have to change the ratchet straps out and it looks a little goofier, but works.
  14. tr027

    My new Prodigy 2

    Nice suit James. It's even got ram-air wings with the body stitching undone for that extra performance increase!