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  1. skyjumpenfool

    Randy Iverson

    Sad News..... The Original owner of the "Baldwin Sport Parachute Center" (1970's and 1980's) Randy Iverson has died. I don't have a lot of details yet, but I will update this when I have more info. Blue Skies Randy!!!
  2. skyjumpenfool

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Mike was gracious enough to send me an autographed copy. It occupies an important space in my home. Thanks Mike!!
  3. skyjumpenfool

    Lost art of flat packing

    As I remember, Pro packing came as a result of "Trash" packing?
  4. skyjumpenfool

    Downsizing questions

    Sabre 2 170?
  5. skyjumpenfool

    Help: Can't buy beer!

    A couple of gallons of vanilla ice cream, a case of root beer, a package of red plastic cups and some matching plastic spoons. Instructions.... Put a scoop of Ice Cream into a red plastic cup, fill to brim with Root Beer and serve with a plastic spoon. Hand one to each person you see while exclaiming, "I just made a Fu@&ing skydive!!!!!" That is all.......
  6. skyjumpenfool

    Can I get any Job in skydiving world?

    Are you willing to work for little to nothing, eat ramen noodles, and live in a dilapidated trailer... that leaks?
  7. skyjumpenfool

    Looking for the NEEDS and DON'T need in a RW suit

    I just got my new Bev Suit in the mail. (side note: after a small problem/wrong color, Bev took care of it and I'm absolutely happy with the suit. Best Customer Service Ever!) I also found ordering the "right" options to be a little confusing. My advice.... talk to one of Bev's Sales Reps. I went to our local dealer and he walked me thru everything. He helped me choose the right options based on my flying style, body type, jumping ability, needs, etc. Everyone is different and everyone needs a suit built for them. Bev's dealers are very good at helping you with that.
  8. skyjumpenfool

    new wings container

    Yep! I just ordered my 2nd new Wings container. I couldn't be happier with the first one. These are great people to deal with. Our Serial #'s must be really close?
  9. skyjumpenfool

    looking for members of Bad Wrap/Bad Zen

    Contact the USPA... Maybe some of this would be nice in the new Skydiving Museum?
  10. skyjumpenfool

    need info on trailing streamers behind fomations

    I use the lightweight plastic (table cloth material) that you can get in rolls at Party America. 3-4 30 feet strips cut to a slight taper. I sew a hem in the wide end and put 2 pieces of foam (water noodles work) in the hem. (about the size of an RW suit GRIPPER) If you leave a space between the middle of the foam pieces, you can fold it in half and tuck it under your jumpsuit. After you dock, just take it out, put it between your legs, let it open, and cross your legs to hold onto it. Lightweight, easy to hold and deploy and, if you have to let it go, it just drifts harmlessly to the ground. Land with it or let it go just as you flair? I'll try to send you some pics....
  11. skyjumpenfool

    Bonehead Composites
  12. You are now, officially, an adrenalen junkie.
  13. skyjumpenfool

    A good story about student radio not working

    #1 above!!! Radios are great backupdevices. The primary device is and should be the initial canopy training.
  14. skyjumpenfool

    Precision Interceptor

    You can start here. F-111.
  15. skyjumpenfool

    Salt Lake City locals

    Hmmm? Try Craigslist. Look under the Woofo section. Or, Paragear Catalog.