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  1. Well I'm currently laid up after breaking my ankle on landing 4 weeks ago I was one of three skydivers in the hospital that afternoon so didnt get much sympathy especially as I had the most minor injury. I have been telling people how it happened (or atleast as much as I know as there was no pain at all I simply couldn't run off the landing from the diagnosis of the xray it looks like I just landed on an uneven bit of ground that caused a twist) for some people (especially wuffos at the DZ as I'm helping with manifest) I have to back up and say its the kind of injury I could have done anywhere at anytime. The most common question i have is 'was it your first jump' when I say 'No it was 140' I get the 'WOW your a professional then and this is the only injury you've had WOW!' I had to tell work how I did it due to family and friends and fellow jumpers working for the company it wasnt going to be easy to keep it a secret and despite only startibg a newly promoted role 2 days before they have been superb and just said to enjoy my six weeks off
  2. Showed my mum my 100th Jump footage (she has only previously seen my AFF and WARP) her question was "Why do they still need to hold onto you when you get out the plane?"
  3. FFS he's taken on a voluntary role with the BPA why should it matter if he's tory Hurrah!
  4. Well my parents went and moved opposite the dropzone so I guess its their fault in a way 18 months ive been jumping and never have they been over to watch me jump (although they did admit to looking out for me through the zoom on the camera) They ask alot of questions and are always interested in watching my DVD's but they are happy being no further involved. I have had the 'so when you gonna give this up and settle down chat' and when watching a prog with Base jumping I got 'You are not going to do that are you? No your not' Ah bless that they care but at least they are receptive to it. I got a letter from my great uncle who is in his late 80's this week who says he is a bit of a nutcase too, would have jumped if he had been younger but instead wishes he could afford a flight to the moon. He always hopes that my guardian angel flies with me always which is kinda cool
  5. In the recorder American Idol from Friday night and in the player in the bedroom How to get ahead in advertising
  6. Damn it being March I have to work would have loved to get down there, if only to just check everything out as I'm just getting the bug for 4 way Nice Logo btw
  7. I have two tats. Three years ago I got the club badge of the football (soccer) team that I support on the side of my right calf and just before Xmas I got the two closing pin / yin yang design on the top of my right arm I dont have any regrets neither is a problem when it comes to dressing for work etc. Both are simply expressing activities that I'm passionate about and will be for life. I would have more but I have nothing I really want at the moment I could never have one on my back though if I have them I want to be able to see them
  8. 1. Eddie Izzard 2. Leonardo DaVinci 3. Quentin Tarrantino 4. Angelina Jolie 5. Princess Diana 6. Emeline Pankhurst 7. Jake Gyllenhaal
  9. om-pyb check the TV ad out here www.agreatbighuginamug.com I love those 'hugs' I want one
  10. Sounds about right (take away the jumps abroad) I did 51 since my AFF at the end of last March. Save a few days at Langar all the jumps were at Tilstock I was there pretty much every weekend and tend to do 2 a weekend (weather and finances permitting)
  11. Cant hurt to pop along to your local DZ and have a word with the instructors there just give them the heads up that you will be shortly spending some time with them.
  12. Aw you could be my valentine hun but I cant get over for a while so it would quite possibly end up being an Xmas gift. I wear one (except at work where we have a no jewallery policy), had to buy myself as no one else was going to get it also have two tattooed on my arm
  13. As far as I know this is where I'm staying during my venture across the Atlantic at the end of March/early April (I let others do all the organising and I just hand over cash) The way the weather is going here looks like my 100 will be in the US sunshine and havent got a clue what I want to do for it yet
  14. Axa no longer appear to insure I went with them when I went to Dubai and Czech last year but when I tried to get cover for Spain at New year skydiving was no longer on the policies that I could find. Went with Endsleigh which reminds me I have a trip to Deland to get cover for. Endsleigh dont do a cost effective annual policy (or they didnt when i priced up in October) they suggest just to get as and when you need it.
  15. Some is good especially on a nicely toned chest no forests and strictly no back fuzz gotta love following that snail trail tho