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  1. Jason, what's up. Since you put up the pic Laurel took of you I thought would put up the pic she took of me. Also here is the landing area after that giant rain storm we had. Talk about swoop pond.
  2. I have a Raven1-181 and a PD 176. I load them at about 1.3 to 1 and have used both of them more than once. Both flew and landed nicely for a reserve canopy. I have seen people biff their landing after a cut away because they were flying a different type of canopy and also off their best performance level and then blame it on the reserve.
  3. Jeremy, that is the best signature line I have ever seen. Funny stuff.
  4. If the building is gone it will drastically affect our business. We can harass the airport by jumping out there but we will not be able to run the type of business we do now, especially in regards to students and tandems. If we don't have tandems, we don't have an Otter. That building would cost a lot to replace even if they decided later to let us have a building again. We need to try to do something now before it is to late for the building. Writing our reps is our best option right now outside of what Mike is doing to fight the airport.
  5. I hope a lot of people are there early on Saturday. Even if they were successful in the eviction, they can not just ban a group of aviators from the airport. It is a public access airport. We could go out there, jump and use the pilots lounge to hang out and there is nothing they can do about it. It is publicly funded. That would be like a public park placing signs that stated, "No doctors allowed."
  6. The most compatable format that I have found is to use DVD+R and to use Lite-ons book type utility to change the book type to dvd-rom. This makes DVD players see the DVD as a DVD-rom just like the ones you buy in stores. This utility can be found online and can be used in any Lite-on DVD recorder or any of the countless other brands they manufacture, including Sony.
  7. I even wavr off when I am the only one in the sky like when I take a tandem out of the cessna with no one else on the load.
  8. True if you look at the package deals from dbuys they are not any better on price than B&H. That is why I said not to buy anything other than the camera from dbuys. I buy my accesories from B&H and the camera from dbuys. It comes out much cheaper this way than buying everything from B&H. William
  9. prost


    I had one done to my 99 and I like it. The openings are better and the line sets last longer.
  10. dbuys is a great site but their accesories are very expensive. Buy everything else besides the camera from someone else.
  11. Is anyone marketing them in the U.S. I would be willing to try one out. William
  12. I just has this problem fixed at the local repair shop. They charged me $125 to get the tip put of my pc120. There were no parts needed but there is a lot to take apart to get to the lanc port. They even gave me the tip back (sort of like they give you the pins you have removed from broken bones I guess.) They had it back to me the next day. William
  13. I looked at one at Best Buy. It did have a lanc port. I did not lool for manuel focus as I just assumed it had this. The camera is very small. It does have a 1/5 inch ccd and a small lense. Even though it still has the same resolution a smaller ccd will generally give you and image with slightly less color response per pixel. As best as I could tell from the small monitor hooked up to the camera, this did not have an impact on the quality of the picture compared to more expensive Sonys (best buy does not have anything high end). I also saw that way cool has 25mm adapter rings so they are available.
  14. Ok no one has answered the question of why Sobe closed. Does anyone know?
  15. I am fairly certain that is for output only. I have never seen an s-video capture port built into a laptop. They do make such a thing but I have only seen it on a special breakout box bundled with a video editing package.