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  1. ah man... so glad we were able to hang out at Skyfest. thanks for the many years of friendship, canopy hook up, and helping celebrate Mariann's life - have fun playing with her again! I fly with you guys often in my meditations. my condolences and love to Wyat's loved ones. love forever, Deva Serene
  2. Mariann was one of my best friends, and her son is very dear to me. He lost his mother. Although money in no way can make up for that, I want to contribute to his life in a meaningful way and want to use this as my contribution to his upbringing. To answer the question above - it is my only rig. I've retired from skydiving :) but will still be rockin' it in the tunnels!
  3. Howdy! I'll be auctioning off my gear at SkyFest and donating all proceeds and additional donations to Mariann Kramer's son Garrett. Yellow with purple accent PIMP Mirage MSX 1/2 Yellow and purple 120 Stiletto that was Mariann's when it was new PDR 113 - saved my life twice Cypress from 1998 All in fantastic condition and well loved. Please spread the word and repost. I'm hoping you will pull your monies and make this a wonderful gift for this most amazing little man! If you can't make it and would like to donate you can PayPal to [email protected] I will send you a receipt. Much love to you all! Deva Serene PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
  4. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your memories and private thoughts. Every post I read causes sparks to run through me - Mariann is still very much with us. Now she can keep us "getting the job done" simultaneously! Love and condolences to you all.
  5. this so surreal... I've gotten so used to missing her since I moved that it's hard for me to realize I'm not going to see her again, in this lifetime. mariann represented all I want to be in the sport: giving, free, limit-less, humble, super cool, and a hard-core kickass chick! I miss you girl! memories and such: wearing red shoes, orange socks, purple stretch pants with green shorts over it, and a pink shirt on our one-and-only 2-way freefly jump at Elsinore - just to make me laugh! Wyat Drews - where's my video??? convincing me to jump on a 24-way as superfloat when I had 120ish jumps - getting rid of my "i don't have a belly suit" excuse by giving me one of hers to keep (that I still wear) then flying by to give me a smile and a thumbs up before flying to the otherside stan schrimsher made these itty bitty shorts out of parachute pieces - which no one would even try on, but she wore them for hours at a party dancing at a club all night, by dirt-diving 4way - you should have seen the awed whuffos around us!!! queen of the dance red wine and thai food our "team" rigs fantasy skydiving so many I can't keep them straight right now Mariann, Always River-dancing. Inspiring. Ass-kickin'! Never-ending Nonsense I was always smiling, and usually laughing, anytime I was with you. You inspire me to be my crazy self, always knowing that no matter how crazy I get - you'll always be better at it! hahahahaha I love you so much! Deva PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
  6. OH MY GOODNESS! My calendar is marked! I miss all of you sooooooo much! Cannot wait to see you again. Much love to each and every one of you! ~Deva
  7. Wow - John, I'm going to miss you! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful wine Thanks, to you and your family, for all the fabulous dinners on the redwood deck Thanks for encouraging me to sing Thanks for always smiling I give my sincerest condolences and love to the Appleton family See you in the eternal sky, my brother Love, Deva
  8. Wow - thanks Amanda! I had just as much fun as, if not more than, you!!!
  9. I also got to hang with Bryan and Shannon from Gravity Rats!!! (posting in the wee hours after a long boogie affects the memory...) It was awesome seeing you guys!!! Shannon - good luck in San Diego - you're going to absolutely love it! I get out to SoCal a couple times of year - so I look forward to visiting
  10. Amanda - it was awesome meeting you! You totally rocked out on our chicky-tracking dive!!! Seriously hard to believe that was your 39th jump... I was so stoked that you won the scholarship and get freefly coaching from our amazing Anomoly boyz... next skydive you'll be teaching me stuff!!! I would love to be part of your Pink Mafia initiation - too bad it didn't go down this weekend - but perhaps it's meant to be a head down dive... so we should be able to do it in, what? a couple weeks? I'm going to try to make it back soon. Megsterr and Rodney - I love you guys!!!! It was awesome getting to know you better (and the kitters!) thank you so much for your hospitality and love. Meg - thanks for being a SWOOPY GROOPY groupie! Email me and I'll send you some raw food info/links. I know how much you like doing solos but I look forward to jumping with you again! Kolla - it was awesome seeing you again and thank you for also being a SWOOPY GROOPY groupie! I hope you can make it to ASC this weekend. Lyle - thanks for the love and the 2-way. One day I will stand on your back! Alli and TJ - Ready, Set, DRINK! You guys were cracking me up!!!! Thanks for hanging with me Friday night, along with Mel, JJ, Dale, Megsterr and Rodney - that really meant alot to me
  11. I believe I have made all the Skyfests! Glad I'm able to swing this one
  12. my entire self will be there!!! PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
  13. hmm..the negative.. that is a VERY ballzy move Maybe you will even land your slot in number 9 with the first premi No No - remember the #9 slot is never to be filled... at least not on purpose!!! BK and Jeanne - thanks for posting the pics! I had so much fun meeting more sisters - can't wait until the next Pink Mafia get together in a mere 3 weeks! Sebastian here we come! PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
  14. If you've never waxed yourself the last place you want to start is in your most sensitive area. Plus - you need at least 3 hands -when you go to the salon you take an active role in the waxing "hand here, hand there - pull skin taut" keeps it from hurting and gets in all the crevices. there is no way you could do this yourself, even with the help of an SO (or other willing participant) unless you knew what exactly you were doing my salon charges $55 and it takes about 20 minutes they run a special where you can buy 6 at once and so you end up only paying for 5... each time is easier... after a series of 6 you may be able to maintain it on your own - but self waxing is messy and often more painful because you may use to much wax, or let it dry, or not use the right kind of strips... $55 once a month is worth it to me PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
  15. there it goes - better? PMS #24 RDP #1 RDP #2 To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin