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  1. Wearing your shoes: Well, in a skydiver party in a house, someone suddenly had to upchuck. Didn't have time to get outside, so grabbed a handy ball cap to puke into. OK so far. But..........the hat was made mostly of mesh, so when the puker went to the corner of the room to disgorge, one poor girl's shoes were there. The only thing the hat did, was strain out the chunks. The poor shoes in the corner got filled with the liguid part. Can't remember who the skydiver was.....uh...... Maybe it's better to wear the shoes after all.
  2. Let's see....Beer for buying one for the first time. Beer for the first time you had it installed. Beer for being such an old crotchety smartass. Well, you get it. Lot's of beer. Head on out to the liquor store asap! And not that cheap shit either.
  3. Actually, this IS the classic situation for buying beer! The decision to buy beer is not yours anyway. All of us will decide that for you.
  4. Rather than buying a long armed swaging tool, you can go to a West Marine store. They sell cable in several sizes and they also swage fittings onto the cables, but may not have an "end' sleeve. Maybe go to Ace Hardware and get a cable - "end" - swage. I think they are aluminum. About $3 bucks. Then go to the West Marine and have them swage it on for you.
  5. I reread my post and thought it may have been negative. Not my intention. When Dave talks, I always read and learn!
  6. Your discussion is great, but in my opinion, the use of the term "hard deck" is not. I've heard some skydivers say the hard deck is when they want to throw their main pilot chute=main opening altitude, others say it is the altitude where a formation breaks off, others say when they should "pull silver' (pull the reserve handle whether it be a silver handle or a pillow reserve handle.) The point I'm making is that the use of an undefined coined term, instead of saying what you actually mean, will result in numbers of listeners believing the coined term to be something you didn't intend. I have heard skydivers say "What's your hard deck for tossing your main pilot chute?" What's your hard deck for breakoff?" etc etc. By saying what you mean, there will be no error in understanding. I believe you should drop the undefined term "hard deck" completely, as it means different things to different people. If by "hard deck" you mean "when you pull your reserve handle", then if you say that, it can't be misunderstood. If that term isn't used in the SIM, it is not helpful, nor, to my knowledge, is it taught in a first jump course. If it is going to be used then it should have a unambiguous definition. So far, it doesn't. I like your discussion. It is good advice. At 176 feet per second, or faster, it's a race against time for sure.
  7. Rick, I am not disagreeing with your comfort in having insurance, nor the preference you rightly deserve, by having these insurances-worker's comp etc.. That you carry such insurance protections, or that your customer demands them is perfectly logical. I am just saying that it is your choice to operate that way. The guy(company) that built my house had no insurance, used independent contractors, etc.. My choice to do business with him. Maybe large commercial contractors have to carry such coverage, but your average contractor does not. License? Yes, they are in general required to be licensed, but having a license doesn't mean there is an insurance requirement. Are they making an unintelligent choice to be uninsured? Probably, but it is theirs. Building contracting is, depending on the state, probably a highly regulated area, and I am no expert on this, but having known three contractors for houses and small business remodels, in two states, they insure (or not insure) based on the job, and sometimes to get the job. If the lender needs a 90 day insurance because of a 90 day construction loan, then they get that. If it is not to their liking, they don't carry it and lose jobs. Seems like a choice they are entitled to make.
  8. You are correct about your requirements in your state, and some municipalities require bonding and insurance, etc too. In that you are correct, but only because some state legislature has decided to require it for you contractors, taking that choice from you. For sure, some businesses and state licensees are required to have insurance, bonding, etc.. But not many. You just happen to live in a state that is more regulation-oriented towards contractors. This thread started as a rant about why Texas should require all businesses to carry "appropriate" insurance, and calling the Governor a moron and other such silly statements. My remarks, in general, are not directed to you, but a balance to that mentality. I presume you would prefer that those costly decisions to have insurance and and bonding decisions left to you, and not be dictated by some legislature or agency.
  9. ....Maintain a state license or register a business = minimum insurance requirement..... Not even close to being true. State licensed: lawyers do not have to purchase malpractice insurance, nor do doctors nor do nurses, realtors beauticians, veterinarians......all licensed by the state. The list goes on. It is a decision made by those licensees. Many do, but many do not. And, you can register business corporations with the state all day and not have insurance for those businesses. And even in mandatory car insurance states there is usually a "self-insured" opt out. I doubt that a company making fertilizer is required to have a license to do so, and if so, that there is an insurance requirement. It is a business decision. And that is the way it should be. It may not be wise to forego insurance, but it isn't illegal - nor should it be. Dropzones and riggers and aff instructors and tandem instructors and pilots and rig manufacturers are not required to be insured. If they want to run the risk, that's their choice. Insurance isn't even available for some of these persons. If it was available, then how much coverage? Who will decide that? Some do-gooder agency? So, after the fact, people are wringing their hands and seeing some kind of injustice about those companies that are uninsured, or (in their opinion) under insured. The choices in any state are just that. Have a nanny state mentality based upon the idea that some agency or legislature has superior wisdom about how business should be run, operated, insured etc, and multiply 'red tape' laws and regulations that are so binding, intricate, onerous, and meddling that business can't operate without a staff of regulation experts or just go out of business - or leave businesses alone, as apparently the city and the state there in Texas chose to do, and continue to do so. If one does not like that, then stay out of Texas and go to New York where the state wants to ban large soft drinks or San Francisco where fast foods are prohibited from handing out toys......Anyone can choose to go those states and cities to live. It is a choice. Yes I am pretty sure there are state regs and fed regs about handling ammonia, and other chemicals, but that is a long distance from the wrong concepted mentality of requiring insurance for businesses. Some people like to be regulated and told what to do in their daily lives and business lives, and to impose their preference to be controlled upon others. You have to decide which suits you.
  10. I have a parachute loft. Had a few canopies sent to me. I checked 'em out and the buyer went from there. I don't charge anything. Been here for 12 yrs. Probaly the best way to do transactions. Some shipping costs here and there, but it's better than just hoping when something doesn't seem right.
  11. Time for me to dial back. I think I had too much coffee. A lot of good stuff and good thoughts posted.
  12. There isn't any federal liability. It is a Texas problem. The only federal money spent so far is our whiny ass president flying there to mumble some pithy words about the explosion just to get get face time at taxpayer's expense. He should have stayed home. It isn't his problem. It isn't a fed problem. It is Texas'. If you ain't from Texas, you aren't affected. If Texas taxpayers pay, then that's for them to decide. The only way a federal expenditure would be involved is if some do-gooder agency is directed to "help" in the name of all of the sympathy created, despite the fact that it is a state problem, not a federal one. This was presented as a rant about some need for a government official or government office to decide how much insurance a business should carry, and a criticism about a businesses that don't carry any insurance or "enough" as determined by some internet poster. I guess it is a cry for "nanny state" requirements about insurance coverage decisions for Texas businesses. Silly. It's up to the Texas legislature; not a bunch of regulation-loving hand wringers who post their non wisdom on an internet site. So, should rig manufaturer's be "required" to carry liability insurance? Riggers? Dropzones? Plumbers? Nurses? Hot dog stand owners? House painters? If so, how much? Who would decide how much? The whole concept is meddling. It's a business decision, not a governmental one. If a business doesn't want to be insured, so be it.
  13. So I guess you were also self righteous when you saw the title of "The Uninsured Relative Workshop" for several years? What was your rant..........uh........"required to carry an appropriate amount of liability insurance" ? Who will decide how much insurance is "required"? You? How much insurance should a parachute manufacturer carry? I guess you'd know the answer. Your post is silly. A business can decide how much insurance to carry, and even decide not to carry any insurance. Rant away. If you don't live in Texas why are you even commenting?
  14. I didn't have any problem with the Service Bulletin SBSP008 as written: 1. If the rig is within the dates, measure as shown on page 3. 2. If the cables are too long, according to the chart on Paragraph 9, trim them. 3. If they are too short, get new one(s) for free by following the procedure. Procedure is straightforward. 4. When everything is correct, make an entry on the data card. What is the problem? I just did one and it was within the .25 inch specs. Recorded it and moved on. (I don't know what a "revision marking" is)
  15. Well, it is skydiving gear after all. Fooled me. I still don't know how the sewing can be worth a shit, as it is flimsy thread - for a harness. But, I guess if you have a long enough stitch pattern.......... use any old thread. Don't sign me up to jump that rig.
  16. This does not look like skydiving gear. Where is the harness? I could be wrong, but no one, not even the Russians would construct a riser with double throw zig zag, E cord=V69 (OK it may be F cord, V 92). No harness I've ever seen or heard of has been constructed of such flimsy thread. Unless the stitch was very very long, E cord (8.5 lbls) or even F cord (12 pounds) wouldn't hold anything like the strength of the webbing shown. It looks more like a cargo release system with some kind of "pin puller" cable puller release mechanism, or a person pulling it. It doesn't look like there is even a harness. Just a connection point between two pieces of heavy webbing. Are you sure it is even skydiving gear?
  17. I use silicone (cypress grease) and it lasts and lasts. It loses it sticky in a few minutes and stays with the cable coating a long long time. It is also most mfg recommended lubricant. Even dry, it works. I use the grease because I don't like the spray cans. The spray goes everywhere. Longevity: It's in your Cypres loop for 6 months and still works there. OK, I admit this isn't scientific-tested. Note: WD 40 is, in general, not a good lubricating oil substitute. It has other stuff in it. Penetrates bolt threads etc. If you are going to use oil, use oil. I do not use oil as it collects dust and grit, and it dries up too. When it dries up it is gone. When silicone dries up, some of it remains, as it is - as they say a "dry lubricant".
  18. Oh. Here we go again with the red Teflon cutaway cable discussion. I would caution anyone who reads a DZ.com post and changes a component on their rig, based only on this source. An article in Skydiving magazine came out about 10 15 years ago about this. One customer came in with his rig and it was so equipped. It had dents where the loop had pulled in, and the coating was butter soft compared to a yellow nylon cutaway cable. The coating had dents in some places. Once again, in my opinion - just by handling it - it seemed considerably less rigid. Put the customer on the phone with the mfg of the rig and he was told to put the original equipment yellow cutaway cable back in. I refused to reassemble the rig with the red cable and ordered a brand new yellow nylon cutaway from the mfg.. Put my own rig's cutaway cable on while it was being shipped. Threw the red cable in the trash. Have seen this rig since: no dents in coating and no bending. This is simply my experience, and my suggestion to anyone who is contemplating a change - to call the mfg and listen to what they have to say. And yes, the yellow cable does need to be lubricated. Once again, call the mfg for this advice, or go to the Poynter manual, vol II.
  19. I am not a sushi lover: . Sushi tastes like uncooked fish, and hs a disgusting taste . Raw fish ingestion is a 100% certain way to load up your intestines with parasitic worms and other nematodes. Ok this isn't related to the radiation topic, but is a reference to the topic heading.
  20. Forty sons a bitches! (Why 40? No clue)
  21. Buying a first rig for a new jumper should include a widely used, workable, functioning, proven RSL. Inquire about what harness/containers provide for this feature. In my opinion, you should eliminate any harness/ container that does not.
  22. Universal background checks is the building block for state and national gun registration. A list of every gun by description and ser. #, and gun owner. Don't believe this? These checks are accomplished by the form 4473, which are paper and held by a gun shop. So far so good, but - there is a little known provision that requires these paper forms be turned over to the batf or homeland security or some agency when the gun shop goes out of business. If there are universal background checks with no exceptions, within one generation (covers family and friend transfers and private sales) and one business generation, (covers all commercial sales and purchases) the government will have a 100% complete list of all legal gun transfers and sales. As I said, it will take some time, but that is the end result. It will grow and grow, year by year, and be complete when the last of these 'person generations' and business generations occur. Why are these paper forms required to be turned over to a governmental entity upon the cessation of business of a gun business/shop? To accomplish this gun registry. It will take some time, but will occur if this "universal checks" ball gets rolling. Of course this only applies to guns legally sold/bought or transferred.
  23. dpreguy

    Windows 8

    I had Vista and then bought a new rig with Windows 8 installed. What a piece of crap!!! It is more like a pinball machine. Moving the cursor around causes everything to highlight, brings stuff on the screen you DIDN'T want without clicking ...........basically, for every 5 minutes I spend, I have to hit the escape key about 50 times to get rid of the pinball effect, to get rid of the highlighting. About every 20 seconds or so. And no, the options do NOT come up when you hover the cursor on the corners. Oh about 30% of the time, maybe. I'm taking this back to the store and getting the "downgrade" or whatever it's called. Windows 8 is ridiculous and NOT for some one who isn't enthralled about computers but just wants to send and receive emails and do some googling. I've never had Windows 7, but nothing could be worse than this 8 version.
  24. Yeah I guess you are right. Have packed hundreds and hundreds of Strongs- guess the Racer one wouldn't be any different. Maybe I'll go to the packing class there. Might as well learn.