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  1. The punishment for what you did is your beer!!!!! Elaine
  2. The Good Lord must need angels. It's the only explanation for this tragedy. Our tears are flowing and our hearts are broken. To all of Paul's family, our thoughts and prayers are with you now as they have been throughout this horrible ordeal. Our skydiving community has lost another great one. Elaine, Dammit & Lauren
  3. Chuck, Thanks for the update. I stopped by the hospital yesterday to give you guys some encouragement and found you all had taken a break for a few hours, but our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm an old Herd member (or a Herd member that's old, not sure about which) and I remember Raff from Maytown, United and Cross Keys. I've been in the sport 27 years and I agree, this is the worst I've ever seen too. Lauren, Dammit & I are sending thoughts, prayers and healing vibes Raff's way. As for you guys, just hang tough and know that people all over the world are pulling for you. Elaine D-7863
  4. Additionally, both Cross Keys and Raeford have offered to accept credit card donations until a paypal account for the family is finalized. E-mail and phone numbers can be found on both dz's websites. Elaine Demme
  5. I would suggest that postings on this subject go on hold until the family decides to release current information. Thoughts and prayers would be in order, however. Elaine D-7863
  6. Weren't they 8-way women's team out of Deland --- some had previously been on Slots are for Tots.... names - Sheila Witten, Martha Scott, Kathy Embry, ... memory is going but I'll come up with the others in good time. Elaine D-7863
  7. Michael --- please stop this crap.... Arizona doesn't even have big trees!!!! I know you'll be up and at em in no time, you're too stuborn to stay down any longer. But best wishes for a speedy recovery anyway! Love, Elaine, Dammit & Lauren
  8. Missy knows them! Posted by Missy Nelson earlier in this thread... Here's part...ahem (as i clear my throat to sing a tune i heard as a young girl...) "hey freak brother, as soon as you arrive, let's get in touch with the manifest brother... cause we're gonna skydive, yea!" i do remember the whole song... brings back many memories... missy " Hope this helps Chris. Elaine NNFS#3
  9. Holy Shit! I remember Chris when he was jumping on the east coast and had just gotten into photography. This is amazing!!! Elaine D-7863
  10. WTG's to the entire team! 357 is a huge accomplishment! Thanks to Kate, Bill and Val for their reporting. It made the rest of us really feel part of the effort and now we are all cheering for you as well. Elaine (Going to get a glass of champagne to raise!)
  11. We already jumped subzero temperatures this year!! We were in Eloy for the Boogie.....never knew the desert could get that cold!!!! So, the quick answer is NOOOOOOOOOO! But I'll be there! As to jumping with you.....quit rubbing it in!!!? Love u, E
  12. Do you get points for getting a car impounded? I thought you had to turn it upside down to get any points! Has somebody changed the rules here? Hey Selwyn.....does this count? Elaine
  13. So I'm guessing the jump into United didn't land on target?
  14. Elaine Demme from the Herd.... I remember both you and your brother Jimmy... you both worked at Paraflite if I remember correctly... Where are you these days? We still keep in touch with a bunch of the old Ripcord jumpers.