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  1. Peter, you seem to be very positive and nice guy. However, just looking at your photos and info, there are so many things, that should not be done (smaller parachute, camera, tracking suit, earphones, no AAD, flying so close to a tandem, etc) at your experience level. Some of them should not be done at any experience level, to be honest. And BASE?... Try to read as much as you can on this forum. That might help you not to get killed or seriously injured.
  2. Peter, no irony, I am just interested. Do you have many parachuting accidents in China?
  4. It's a pitty I no longer live in UK, it would be fun to meet you in person and discuss all that stuff I enjoy debates like that, but I am way too lazy to type that much. Peace.
  5. Same for me. And no response to the email, which I sent to Recon. I guess, it is up to them now to keep me as a customer.
  6. What a stupid title for a thread. This progression system has been used a lot in ex-Soviet countries. I have personally done it, as there was no AFF option at that time. No issues about reliability and gear set up.
  7. And it's posted in skydiving forum, because...? There is a thread already in basejumper forum.
  8. Those are Russian Malva containers. The one with belly reserve is PO-9, which were sometimes used with PO-16 parachutes due to some safety issues with lower center flap of original PO-16 container. All of them have PPKU AAD's. Mystery solved.
  9. Even if removing the rig would improve aerodynamics, it would not justify huge additional risk of not having a plan B. Eg. you leave the plane and suddenly the head wind gets much stronger, or you hit some strange thermals (as Gary did), etc. It would really suck to have the remaining 30 seconds of your life to watch the box rig too far in front of you
  10. Man, you need to go easy on coffee & beans for breakfast before the day of jumping I'm glad, it broke loose after you left the plane! On serious note, have never experienced anything like that over 14 years.
  11. Not sure, if this has been posted already, but the second video in that link shows the flare very well:
  12. They just mentioned on Sky News that they are most likely not going to show it live "for obvious reasons". Anyhow, it is supposed to happen shortly, they showed briefly Gary gearing up. Not sure, if it was live or recorded from his training jumps earlier today.
  13. Just saw the announcement on Sky News. 08.10 AM UK time (in 50 min) they are going to show interview with Gary & his wife.
  14. Gary just posted in FB that the jump should be broadcasted live on Sky News, sometime Wednesday PM, UK time.