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    Hastings, MI 1992-2005; Fremont, MI 2006-2013
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  1. davepend

    post your best shot

    Very nice! Do you (or your DZ) standardly do FF stills of your AFF graduates? What a great service to offer! -dp
  2. "f/8 and be there." --Allen Hopkins
  3. davepend

    Nice footwear :)

    Hey Mark, I get that same FlightAware newsletter, but didn't see that photo. I wonder if everyone gets a different random selection of photos each week. Anyway... reminds me a bit of when I had Henry sew that left-hand-opening pouch on the bottom of my rig (after I landed the Esprit flaring it like a wore out F-111 Manta.) -dp
  4. davepend

    Firefly Jumpsuits

    You know what's strange? Telling people about a new website, asking them to go have a looky see, then not actually posting the URL. Strange. Even stranger would be to complain about something without offering a solution: http://www.fireflysuits.com/ -dp
  5. davepend

    Epic Fail !

    Thanks. Turns out I've seen that clip before (in low res), but never realized it was the guys camera that got broken (thought it was just part of his bike). Wow. "Oh, this is broken?" he says, after picking up the third piece. Nice. And I've got a new desktop picture. ;-) Nice photo. -dp
  6. davepend

    Epic Fail !

    It must've been pretty good... YouTube's taken it down already. (They only ban the really good stuff.) :-(
  7. No offense intended, but I'm wondering how someone has eight years in the sport and is a moderator on dz.com and doesn't know the basics about her gear and the rigging rules. -dp
  8. davepend

    iMovie 09 image stabilization?

    Does anyone out there who has Apple's iMovie 09 tried the new Image Stabilization feature on freefall footage? Anyone try any other IS post-processing on skydiving video? Before/After examples appreciated. Thanks, -dp
  9. davepend

    exellent demo weather!

    Worst camera work... ever.
  10. davepend

    DIY RSL ring add-on

    Question for riggers regarding this: The ring is sewn to the main riser (not FAA regulated) but, since it's purpose is to pull the RSL lanyard attached at the other end to the reserve cable or pin, does this alteration require (legally) sign-off by a Master Rigger or the Manufacturer? -dp
  11. davepend

    PC 109 to Macbook

    I remember seeing on the MacInTouch website (http://www.macintouch.com) a discussion running about the new MacBooks and their lack of firewire ports. It specifically discussed the issue of downloading from video cameras that only have firewire ports. I don't recall of the solution involved a Firewire to USB adapter or what. The MacInTouch site is pretty well laid out and you should be able to search for and find the discussion there. Hope this helps. -dp p.s. Congrats on your new MacBook. I checked them out at the Apple Store when they came out. Nice machines.
  12. davepend

    USPA Solo Challenge

    The item that struck me as most offensive was (which I would add as point five): The "TC" listing in Parachutist (and USPA.com?) that implies (or would likely be inferred by the reader) that those DZs without a "TC" next to their name do not encourage students or offer training beyond the first jump. This may not be the intent of the "TC" listing, but it's definitely what people will assume when they see it. -dp
  13. davepend

    Any pictures of yourself while working ???

    Me camera flying with Gary (TM) and Justin (Student) at Skydive Hastings in 2005. -dp
  14. davepend

    Do we really need a manufacturer's rating?

    I agree with nsemn8r's post above. The manufacturer's rating was first and is still necessary to help ensure safety with DZ's tandem jump programs. The USPA rating is the add-on intended (in my opinion) just to generate revenue for USPA. (I wish I could arbitrarily require some group of people to pay me $40 to continue doing something they were already doing for years.) ***Disclaimer*** I am not a tandem instructor, just someone who's tired of USPA "fixing" things that aren't broken. As a camera flyer, I work regularly with the tandem instructors and their students.
  15. davepend

    Tandem Master to Tandem Instructor

    The monthly staff meetings we had at our previous dropzone is what I used there for I-rating currency. Counting "safety meetings" around the bonfire might be a stretch, though. -dp