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  1. Does vegas 10 work with Production Assistant and Workspace Macro Pro? Plamer
  2. teamlf

    Tonfly Uno 618

    I just ordered the Uno.618 at the Skydive Expo. These suits look better than anything i have seen on the market. It has a tight fit yet incredibly comfortable feel. this suit is a no brainer if your in the market for a "Skinny" suit. The workmanship on the suits is very nice and looks to be incredibly tough with cordura lower legs and arms. They also have some cool short sleeve/leg options Check them out Scott "Plamer"
  3. Are you even Coming? I registered for every event months ago. Let me know if you didnt receive my online registration. I Also emailed wendy with my updated events that i am planning on doing yesterday june 1st but got no reply. As for the judging criteria. Looks Awesome :). I think there is alot of thing that need to be changed, However i think it is way to late to change the rules or announce anymore changes. So i guess i i will just plan on doing my free rounds to the exact criteria that you stated in your above post. I am in the dominican republic until the 11th. I have never flown two way with Ari, or ever looked at the new VFS dive pool. but will be at the comp with my bells on. If you have any questions for me you all have my email address and can contact me at any time. Have a nice day I am sipping a mojito on the beach. Life is good.
  4. Wendy/XP Staff, I still cant seem to find any info on the judges you have selected. also there is still no info on Judging Criteria for the free rounds. There is also no Info on how you plan to score free round versus compulsory round? Have the officials ever judged a tunnel comp? Plamer
  5. No one has died while filming anything for the Nitro Circus show. Get your facts straight before posting. Plamer
  6. Well I happen to know for a fact that both Mickey Nutall and Will Pesek are Tunnel Instructors and Excellent Coaches as well. So i think this person went to the best sources possible. Just my two cents. but then again i don't know much! Plamer
  7. Due to the fact that Hybrid Mandrin has never competed together before we have decided to change to the intermediate class. Plamer
  8. Check out Plamer
  9. Awesome come jump with us sometime. tomorrow we are putting up 10 way stuff. Plamer
  10. in the good words of Mr. boner QuoteWow, sounds like this is building up to be quite the freefly competition. Real freefly, not turning points. I was simply stating that yes i am good at turning points."which isn't real free-flying" apparently i haven't been on any of these so called dolphin chasing pylon races. But sure would love to show you how us point flyers race. Plamer
  11. Hey were did those two east coast guys go? Couple of good point freeflyers come into the equation everybody clams up. Weird.
  12. Well if Mick's in then i am in because i can jump without a parachute. That will defiantly make me go fastest. I will bet anyone 2500.00 i am the fastest however you have to be a licensed atmosphere Tuna. Come to Deland for the license they are only 3000.00 bucks. a real bargain Plamer
  13. Check out for learning to backfly dvd.