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  1. Proud to announce that another two loads have been sponsored bringing the free load count to 7 or 154 comp slots for CarolinaFest attendees! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  2. Another CarolinaFest Update: Thank you to Doggy Styles Mobile Grooming for sponsoring a load at this year's CarolinaFest, bringing our current sponsored load total to 5 or 110 free slots. This is Doggy Styles' second year sponsoring a load and we appreciate their support! We are working with more companies to bring more! Don't forget the free loads will be offered on Thursday morning and Saturday morning of the event. Learn about Doggy Styles at or check out the CarolinaFest site at Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  3. Don't say that nothing is free......we've got free at C-Fest Baby! Just an update: we've just secured another load sponsor today. We are currently at 88 comped slots with more in the pipeline. Check out the 'Free Jumps' link at the CarolinaFest website. Shall be a grand time.....!!! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  4. Skydive Carolina proudly announces CarolinaFest 2010! After an amazing 2009, we invite you to join us for a great week offering some of the best load organizers in the world from the east coast to the west coast! We have lots of things in store. Here are some of the highlights: When? June 1-6, 2010 @ Skydive Carolina - What You Can Expect: Amazing Load Organizers Amy Chmelecki Melanie Curtis Kirk Verner The Brothers Gray Simon 'Bones' Palacio Joey Freeman Jan Lane Team Carolina Turbo XP Chris Wagner Freefly Coaching with Team Scarecrow Pepe Rodriguez Free Loads We get companies to sponsor Twin Otter loads which equates to hundreds of free jumps given away. It's the one thing that every single jumper regardless of discipline wants to have. In 2009 we gave away more than 300 free jumps! Aircraft Casa 212 Super Otter Helicopter Hot Air Balloons (possible King Air to handle additional aircraft needs) Vendors Committed as of 2/2/1010 (several more pending scheduling) Aerodyne Cookie Composites EG SKY Mirage Systems Performance Designs UPT Vector Parties Free Beer Included with Registration Live Entertainment Friday and Saturday Night Rodriguez Brothers Initiations Film Festival on Saturday Night Theme Night Comfort Camping is free. 8 place shower house available for those camping or bringing RV's RV Slots with hookups are already sold out, however RV Parking is free. For more information visit: [/url][url] Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  5. More news from CarolinaFest.... Firstly, there has been a new prize of note for the Saturday night raffle.....a free trip to the Caribbean. The winning ticket pulled will give a skydiver a free trip on US Airways including accommodation for one week on the island of Antigua. Raffle prize sponsored by Read more about this great prize and others at: In other news, Lyle Presse's and Tony Suits will be onsite adding to a growing vendor list. Also, 3 different media outlets will be on-site to feature you...the local Fox affiliate will be on-site, the TV program SC Outdoors will be present as well as Uptown Charlotte magazine..... It's going to be a very special week at Skydive Carolina..the registrations are flowing in, helicopter and balloon registrations are healthy (we will have 3 balloons launching each day morning and late afternoon beginning Thursday thru Saturday). Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new faces. Blue skies, James Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  6. The schedule is looking great...if you haven't visited definitely check it out....a lot is happening. We are now 14.5 days away from 'Go' Time. A lot has been planned and we welcome everyone to what will be a very special week. Also, don't forget Chris Kollman band will be in on Friday night as well as Tone Deaf for Saturday music, RB initiations, free loads and much, much more. We have also launched our first commercial....roll it...... Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  7. Hi Simon, Charlotte is definitely the best location to fly into directly. If you need help with carpooling, pm me your travel arrangements and we'll see about getting you hooked up with a ride from the airport. Happy to announce that another load has been sponsored by Doggy Styles Mobile Grooming, putting us up to 231 free skydives sponsored thusfar. We are pushing forward for much more and we are excited as more is added to this event. In terms of some of the negativity expressed on this post....all are welcome to their own opinions as is the trend on Much has happened behind the scenes and there are two sides to every story. Much of what has been expressed here has been based on a lot of misinformation that we will not respond to, as it only adds fuel to a fire that shouldn't even be burning. Both events will be fun. If you can go to both, go to both, if you have to choose one, then choose one, but at the end of the day.....have fun, that's why we skydive. Whether 50 or 100 or 500 people show up to this event, we are focused on quality, having fun and keeping a positive vibe throughout. Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  8. Skydive Carolina is pleased to announce CarolinaFest 2009 to! CaroilnaFest will be a staple in the Carolinas for years to come and we are excited to announce this event which will combine the annual Rodriguez Brothers boogie with much, much more! There is something for everyone, so join us for a great week of fun! Here are the details: June 2-7, 2009 CarolinaFest Blog - Learn about continuous updates for CarolinaFest at: Facebook Group Page - ORGANIZERS: Kirk Verner (FS) Luigi Cani (wingsuit & fun) Amy Chmelecki (freefly & VFS) Eric Deren (freefly & VFS) The Brothers Gray (wingsuit) Joey Freeman (FS) Jan Lane (FS) Dave Colucci (freefly) Chris Wagner (FS) Pepe Rodriguez (zoo - who are the Rodriguez Brothers!!) Arizona Divewerkz AIRCRAFT Hot Air Balloons Helicopter Twin Otter Casa King Air FREE JUMPS They're back!!!!! We introduced and executed this at SkyFest last year and we are bringing it back this year - FREE SPONSORED TWIN OTTER LOADS...not a few jumps here or there.....HUNDREDS OF JUMPS!!!!! This was unprecedented and we are working on bringing you more free jumps to add value to your boogie registration (Last year we gave away 572 free slots). Many thanks to our current load sponsors: CaroNet Dilworth Billiards Florence Honda Hendrick Honda Freefall Photo Olde English District (2 Loads) Skydive Carolina Sunshine Recycling Sunshine Steel Great vendors will be present! Organizing and complimentary canopy skills camps for all collegiates participating in the University of South Carolina Flying Gamecocks Skydiving invitational. EVENING ENTERTAINMENT EVERY NIGHT VIDEO CONTEST- Winning video wins a FREE Cypres 2! SPORT ACCURACY CONTEST - FREE L&B altimeter! TRAINING CAMPS Training camps will be offered thru the week including: Canopy Skills Camp with Luigi Cani Freefly Training with Dave Colucci Wingsuit Training with The Brothers Gray JUMP FOR THE CAUSE Proceeds from EVERY sport skydive made will benefit JUMP FOR THE CAUSE! Come out and jump! You'll be supporting the ladies! HELP THEM CALL HOME PLEASE bring your used cell phones to this event! All cell phones donated will be used to purchase phone cards for the troops to be able to call home! For more info on this visit: SUNSET TRACKING DIVES Join Dave Colucci at the end of every day for sunset tracking dives and the Brothers Gray for sunset Flocking Dives! RODRIGUEZ BROTHERS REUNION Want new parents? Looking to reunite with old family? Jump with the Rodriguez Brothers at the home of the Rodriguez Brothers and meet your new brethren at the witching hour on Saturday night.....NAAAAAAAAA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA.........NA-NA-NA-NA-NA......NA-NA-NA-NA-NA............NA-NA-NA-NA-NA............HEY!!!!! WHO ARE THE RODRIGUEZ BROTHERS?!!!!! Jump with the infamous Pepe and Delfina Rodriguez! The event is building and we have a few major announcements to make in the coming weeks! We are stoked and are looking forward to a great quality event!
  9. Congrats to everyone who coordinated the event with all the logistics of not being at a physical DZ. We're rooting for the CSS crowd and hope to see a new DZ come alive very soon in that area! Blue skies to you all! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  10. Updated Link: Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  11. Just for everyone's information, one of the photographers from Freefall Photo (Quincy Kennedy) took about 600 photographs at SkyFest. They are all posted at Other pictures are being assembled there as well. If you have pics, PM me and I would be happy to post them there as a gathering point for all that happened during SkyFest. Can't say enough about how much fun we had! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  12. On behalf of all the staff at Skydive Carolina - thanks for coming out to SkyFest....we had a blast meeting some amazing people from all over the US and several countries abroad. I really would like to shower serious applause to the manufacturers that played a HUGE role in the successful outcome of this event. Please consider these folks when purchasing as they gave so much especially on the free loads and the gear auction: On the skydiving side: Alti-2 EG Sky FlexVision Freefall Photo Gatorz Liquid Sky Sports Mirage Systems Paraclete XP Performance Designs Skydive Carolina SkyVenture Colorado Strong Enterprises SunPath Products Ulster County Containers (UC-3) UPT Locally, we had great support from Sunshine Recycling and Sunshine Steel, CaroNet, The Olde English District, Florence Honda and the watering hole for the Rodriguez Brothers - Dilworth Billiards! I have so many thoughts running through my head from the week that made it so amazing. As always in this sport, it's about the people. This week was an amazing reminder of why I love this sport and the community....Some highlights of the people I met were: Andy (PopsJumper) who really looks like his avatar, Amazon (yep, I got her hug at the beginning of the week; what a great spirit), Sonic from UC3 with his ever present positive vibe, Eric Deren who had a permanent smile throughout the entire event even after breaking his hand, Kolla from PD who has an aura of brightness about her that makes one want to smile, and lastly but not least - Jimmy Tavino. Jimmy was amazing from giving his time volunteering and keeping DZ staff watered, to giving away balloon tickets that he purchased - a gentleman personified. I hope everyone had a tremendous time. We've already had a post mortem on the event with a long list of how we can do things better next time. Finally, I must thank our amazing staff, pilots and volunteers for their extraordinary efforts over the week. When it was all said and done, our staff logged 125 hours during the week of SkyFest and left feeling happy and fulfilled by the great energy and vibes from all of you. Thank you to J Schrimsher for choosing Skydive Carolina to call home during 2008. Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  13. I'd like to emphasize that though it appears there will be a big crowd, safety is paramount. Of course safety will be relied upon the individual canopy pilots of all levels, but Tim Petalino has formulated a good plan and I think everyone will see it and understand it. An aerial photo will be given to every skydiver at registration also. Safety briefings will be held each morning beginning on Wednesday of the event at 8:30am by the S&TA. Let's have a fun and safe event! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  14. Transportation for SkyFest will be run by the Carolinas Cab Company. Fees charged are based on 1 - 6 people (better if you can share obviously) Contact information for pickups from the airport or DZ to your hotels etc is: Carolinas Cab Company 803 324 8819 or Toll Free: 866 488 5438 The minivans are new and in good condition. The hotels located in Richburg, SC are all comparable, however, I'd recommend the Comfort Inn or the Rodeway Inn. They seem to be the most consistent. The disadvantage there is that there are limited food options. If you stay in Rock Hill, SC (25 minutes from the DZ) there are LOTS of food options and movie theatres etc. Comfort Inn - Richburg, SC 803 789-7100 Rodeway Inn - Richburg, SC 803) 789-7770 Wingate Inn - Rock Hill (mention SkyFest) (803) 324-9000 Microtel Inn - Rock Hill (803) 817-7700 Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  15. There is a local shuttle company that can get you to the airport to your hotel / DZ - no problem at all. I will post the info tomorrow when I can get back to my office. Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  16. There will be no shortage of packers. There will be a packing tent near the loading area and also packers available in the hangar...should not be a problem at all....bring it on! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  17. The Bob Hollar load will be for those jumpers who are either A or B licensed who take the complimentary canopy camp offered by Team Fastrax....more details to follow on this.....the request from the anonymous donor was that there be some formal canopy education to relatively new to honor these wishes, we'll be giving the nod to those that take the canopy skills camp. Team Dirty Sanchez will be at SkyFest in full effect. Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  18. I'm happy to announce that sponsorship for all 20 free loads has been secured! Thank you to our generous sponsors. We will be giving away 440 free skydives at this event! I've had a few questions as to how this will, here it is. Thursday, June 5 - 8:00am (we're here to jump aren't we?) Load 1 - Sponsored by Sunshine Recycling Load 2 - Sponsored by Performance Designs Load 3 - Sponsored by Freefall Photo Load 4 - Sponsored by Mirage Systems Load 5 - Sponsored by Skydive Carolina Load 6 - Sponsored by CaroNet Load 7 - Sponsored by Anonymous - Bob Holler Memorial Load Load 8 - Sponsored by EG Sky and Team Flying Hellfish Load 9 - Sponsored by The Olde English District Load 10-Sponsored by Liquid Sky Sports Sunday, June 8 - 8:00am Load 1 - Sponsored by Sunshine Steel Load 2 - Sponsored by UPT Load 3 - Sponsored by Gatorz Eyewear Load 4 - Sponsored by Dilworth Billiards Load 5 - Sponsored by Paraclete XP Load 6 - Sponsored by Florence Honda Load 7 - Sponsored by Strong Enterprises Load 8 - Sponsored by Alti-2 Load 9 - Sponsored by Olde English District Load 10 Sponsored by Performance Designs Rules for free jumps: a). Free jumps are on a first come, first serve basis. b). Free jumps will be taking off from Loading Gate 2 c). Manifest will not be manifesting more than three loads out at a time. d). Jumpers cannot manifest for more than one load at a time. e). Jumpers cannot manifest for anyone else other than themselves. f). Jumpers must be packed before manifesting and must have their rig with them when manifesting. Thank you again to our sponsors....if anyone reads this and has a company that would be interested in sponsoring a load....I'd love to see 500 slots!!!! This is going to be a great time! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  19. Today, I was reminded how great the skydiving community is.... a new free load has been sponsored by an anonymous donor who is naming a load in memory of Bob Holler. This particular load will be exclusive for A licensed skydivers only....appropriate, classy and in memory of a great man. This is going to be a great time of skydiving. Let's not forget those we have lost and ensure that we are all safe during SkyFest. See everyone in 27 days! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  20. No worries on showers - an 8 stall shower will be brought in for everyone's use. Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  21. You've got a couple of options...the first and closest DZ to you is actually Skydive Walterboro...there website is They're a nice DZ and they fly a Cessna..I'm unsure if they're open on Monday's. The other is the one you've been referred to already - Skydive Carolina - which is about 2.5 hours from Charleston. and flies a Twin Otter. Skydive Carolina is closed on Monday's for flying. Hope that helps! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  22. Everyone look out....Mike Wolfe, the ultimate inflatable jump organizer is upon us!! Welcome Hellfish!!! To clear up Andy U's post, in the past we have always formally invited the family's - Team Dirty Sanchez, Muff Brothers, Pink Mafia and the Hellfish....this year I got sidetracked and have been late doing that....I'll be contacting everyone in person, but to be clear, it's not a Family Reunion Boogie without the families! So come one come all and let's have a good time. Also as an aside, the Rodriguez Brothers are known for their entertaining skydiving videos....don't forget the video contest scheduled for Saturday night. Here's what's at stake: Video Contest - Winning Video wins 50 Jump Tix at Skydive Carolina! If you win and you're from another DZ, there are plenty of locals that will buy them from you! Here are the ground rules: Video cannot exceed 10 minutes in length and cannot contain nudity (with the exception of Guido's plums). Your choosing on the theme, just some kind of skydiving must show up somewhere. That's all folks!!! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  23. Free Loads Update! Many thanks to Sunshine Steel and Strong Enterprises - our newest load sponsors!! Our hope is to have 400 slots to give away to the registered jumpers of this event - this is going to be fun!!! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  24. It was an unusually hot weekend for that early in the summer, and though the hangar isn't air conditioned, it just felt hotter knowing you couldn't turn on a light......we've had the power company come out to do a study so we can avoid that this year.....I remember calling loads at the top of my lungs....that was fun, but it worked out and everyone had a good time..... On a side note, I'd like to give a shout out to the great companies who have stepped up to sponsor loads thusfar: CaroNet Dilworth Billiards (Home of the Rodriguez Brothers) Freefall Photo Gatorz Mirage Paraclete XP Performance Designs Skydive Carolina Sunshine Recycling (2 Loads) UPT Vector More free loads to come!!! We are striving for 20 Free Otter loads (440 slots!) Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012
  25. Who'll be joining us for the SkyFest Family Reunion Boogie that includes free jumps and so much more!! SkyFest Family Reunion Boogie Website. Here's the information: Dates: June 4-9 Place: Skydive Carolina, Chester, SC Registration Fee: $45 3 Casa's Twin Otter Helicopter Hot Air Balloons Event Highlights: -100-Way Invitational with BJ Worth and Roger Ponce de Leon -VRW State Record Attempts and organizing with Eric Deren -Women's State Record Attempts -Free Otter Loads on Thursday and Sunday of the event -Video Contest - Winner receives 50 FREE LIFT TIX -Pink Patch Dives (19 Women / 1 Lucky Guy) -SCR Dives: First 8-Way -High Altitude Jumps -Rodriguez Brothers initiations -Flying Hellfish and Pink Mafia initiations -Largest Gear auction in the country -More than a dozen vendors attending -Free coaching -A license organizing -Inflatable dives including the famous Big Banana -World Class Organizers All this and a few other surprises to be announced! Register Now! Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012