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  1. Quick CarolinaFest Update:

    The Free Twin Otter load count is now at 12 sponsored loads with a few more in the works to be finalized. The Free loads will be offered on Thursday morning of the boogie beginning at 8:00am. Saturday free loads will begin at 6:00am.

    Justin Shorb of Flock U will be one of our wingsuit LO's along with Tim Hedderich. Plans are being developed for a wingsuit state record attempt. Details to be announced at the event website

    Luis Prinetto and Ryan Risberg will be leading the head down state record attempts. If interested be sure to register online. Also, if you would like to qualify for this event, the qualifier will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of the event. There is a registration page for this on the event website also.

    Vendors Commited thusfar are:
    Airtec (Cypres)

Blue Skies Magazine

Cookie Composites
    Icarus Canopies 

    LiquidSky Sports
    Mirage Systems
    Performance Designs


    Wicked Wingsuits

    Regan Tetlow will be covering much of the social media and online coverage of the event. Regan will be coming in from Skydive Empuriabrava and will also be doing some load organizing throughout the week.

    That's the latest news.....if you haven't joined the Facebook page for the event
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  2. Welcome to CarolinaFest 2012! May 29 - June 3, 2012

    Please join us for what will be a great week of fun!

    Here's what we have in store: World Class LO's, Specialty Aircraft including hot air balloons and helicopters, Otters, and more! Free Jumps (Sponsored Twin Otter loads), head down state record attempts, wingsuit state record attempts, great parties, an amazing raffle, and the industry's top vendors.

    LO Lineup:

    Brian Buckland
    Amy Chmelecki
    Melanie Curtis
    Melissa Nelson
    Simon 'Bones' Palacio
    Luis Prinetto
    Pepe Rodriguez
    Ryan Risberg
    Team Scarecrow: Rob Antalocy, Dave Colucci, Tuck Pendelton

    Formation Skydiving
    Carolina Turbo XP: Joey Freeman, Doug Barron, Andrew Happick, Joey Coffineau
    Nick Grillet
    Sandy Grillet
    Regan Tetlow
    Chris Wagner
    Rhonda Wilcox

    Wingsuit Organizers
    Tim Hedderich

    Don't miss out on Turbo 20-Ways on Thursday of the event!

    Free Loads
    Free loads will be offered on Thursday morning at 8:00am and at 6:00am on Saturday morning. 2011 saw 16 Twin Otter loads sponsored....more in the works!

    Keep up with all the boogie updates and pre-register at
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  3. I recently visited Queenstown - NZone Skydiving Center will be your place. PAC and Grand Caravan are the jump aircraft. Strictly a tandem operation as are many of the DZ's in the South Island. DZ is a short drive from downtown Queenstown. Another location to check out is Skydive Wanaka.

    If you yourself are interested in doing tandems for them, be sure to call first. I do know that they use all Strong tandem systems.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  4. On behalf of all the staff at Skydive Carolina - thank you for coming! It was a great week blessed with awesome weather for six days. A huge thank you to all of our LO's (all 17 of them), vendors, volunteers, load sponsors, staff and amazing pilots who flew nonstop. For the week, more than 4,400 jumps were made.

    It was a pleasure and we look forward to next year!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  5. 14 Days left until showtime! LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER!

    Here's the latest:

    HELICOPTER - Bell Jet Ranger 206

    Who wants to jump an awesome helicopter and get a sweet, heart stopping ride on the way to altitude? You’ll be wanting to bail out of this thing after the ride you’ve been on! If you think that's you - then you'll want to get on this sweet ride! Minimum 100 jump requirement to jump.

    Rides to be offered as well. Lift ticket price is $65. The helicopter will be operating from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Friday and from 8:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturday. Jumpers will be exiting at 5,500 feet. Visit:

    Hot Air Balloons

    Hot Air balloons are now online! Two balloons will be running in the mornings. One balloon holds two passengers and the other holds three.

    Jumpers must be B licensed and have a minimum of 100 jumps. To register, visit:


    Ever bought a reserve parachute or a brand new jumpsuit for $10? This could be your chance! Raffle tickets are $10 a piece or $40 for 5 tickets. Do not need to be present to win. Check out the current things up for grabs at this year's raffle!

    Aerodyne Smart Reserve
    LiquidSky RW Suit or Freefly Suit
    Jumpsuit from Vertical Suits
    Icarus Apparel
    Apparel and Subscriptions from Blue Skies Magazine
    Icarus Apparel

    Skydivers Impacting our Community Positively

    Canned Food Drive for Chester Food Bank

    We are calling out to all who will be attending this event to help us make a positive impact in the community of Chester. As an act of goodwill and helping those in need, we are asking folks to bring canned goods in for the local food pantry in downtown Chester. Last week, the community was hit particular hard with severe storms that literally had Chester looking like it had been hit by a hurricane.

    At our Christmas party in December, skydivers brought in oatmeal as there was a great need at the food bank. The DZ was able to present the local food bank with 350 lbs of oatmeal! The folks at the food bank were so grateful to receive this great gift from skydivers. Please help us make an impact. Canned goods can be anything from soup to beans......anything would be appreciated!

    Folks we're very excited about this year's event. We are focused on safety and hospitality - we do hope you'll join us! Final pre-registration numbers to be shared on Tuesday morning.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  6. Quick couple of updates!

    Team Scarecrow of the Ranch will be offering coaching for a rate of $15 plus slot which is incredibly generous! More info and registration found here:

    Beverage Sponsor CarolinaFest is proud to announce HydroOne Beverages as this year's Beverage Sponsor to ensure no jumper goes thirsty during the course of the event. Thank you to the kind folks of HydroOne for keeping us hydrated!

    Registration continues to thrive! At last count we now have 33 different DZ's being represented! WOOT. Pre-Registration closes in 18 days, so don't procrastinate any longer. Register here:

    Facilites We've added an awesome air conditioned bathroom house to compliment the shower house that we're bringing in!

    Melanie Curtis will be offering an awesome life coaching seminar "Aha Moments with Melanie Curtis" on Thursday night of the event.

    FREE LOADS - We are now up to 13 sponsored Twin Otter loads......hoping to add one or two more soon!

    Cypres Pink Party

    Music........... Carolina's own DJ Clay Hefner and Red Bull rep with be pumping out the tunes on his decks and making sure their is an excessive amount of vibe to dance the night away.

    Drink......... Pink Cocktails, for those that have been to Carolinafest before know that these are HOT times. What better way to cool down after a fantastic days jumping than a ice cold PINK Margarita Slushie? We even have a few cold beers to start off with!

    PINK........Oh yes, Turn up as PINK as you like. The theme set for the evening is CYPRES PINK do with that what you will. But believe me we will make your preparation time worth while.

    Capture.......... Brian Buckland will be on site for the evening at the CYPRES photo booth. Taking pictures of the outrageous costumes you all come up with.

    Prizes........ Get your pictures taking at the Photo booth to enter the best individual costume. The winner will receive a FREE gold plated, limited Edition CYPRES 2 expert unit including Certificate of ownership, Golden 4 GB USB pen and if that wasn't enough a limited edition logbook!

    We ALSO have a best group category prize, 20 free jump tickets + 20 pack job tickets! So go on get your thinking caps on because i am sure other will be doing exactly the same!

    *Note To become eligible for the best individual prize or group prize you must have your picture taken by Brian Buckland at the CYPRES photo booth. A panel of Judges will decide the winner from the pictures taken by Brian. The judges will endeavor to announce the winner during the party but reserves the right to announce the winner the next day and may not be limited to the pictures taken should any technical problems arise. Should the winner(s) not claim their prize within 24 hours of announcement they forfeit there claim and another winner(s) will be selected. The judges decision is final.

    Video Contest Don't forget the Video Festival is on Saturday night! Best video wins a Cypres 2! To learn about rules here--->

    Watch Last Year's Winning Video

    That's the latest! More to come on balloon operations later!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  7. Well done! Was just checking to make sure you were paying attention! Typo - free loads start on Thursday morning.....RV slots and bunkhouse rooms are sold out.......pricing on balloons to be released tomorrow! Registration numbers are healthy, we are organized and excited!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  8. @mchamp - you are a definite 'go' as having registered for the boogie!

    Boogie Updates

    Coaching Workshop

    Load Organizer Melanie Curtis will be hosting a Coaching Workshop
    which promises to be insightful, fun and lending itself to some -a-ha moments. To learn more about it, click here:

    Aircraft Update

    Current aircraft scheduled is Casa, Super Otter and Super King Air


    Registration has exceeded our expectations as we opened registration exactly two weeks ago today. We're already well-past 100 jumpers pre-registered with two months until the event gets here. If you know you want to attend - be sure to pre-register as we are capping at 300. The majority of Skydive Carolina local jumpers have not yet pre-registered, so be sure to get yours in if you plan to attend!

    Boogie Events

    Thursday Morning Free Jumps
    Free Otter load jumps will begin promptly at 8:00am Friday morning!

    Friday Night Cypres Pink Party

    Cypres is going to do it up in grand style with us this year. Sponsoring the pink party, along with pink drinks, and a pink costume party and broadcasting it all live via the world wide web. Bryan Buckland will be taking photos of the costumes and they will be beamed all over the skydiving world - so be creative, put some effort could win you a Cypres 2.....the best AAD in the world!

    Clay Hefner will be the house DJ for the Pink Party. Well-established DJ in the Carolinas - sure to bring a great time for the Cypres Pink Party

    Saturday Night Music
    The awesome musical talents of Wally Germany return on Saturday after the last load takes off. Wally did an awesome job for us at last year's event and we're stoked to have him back once again.

    Video Contest
    If you like to edit - don't miss out on the Saturday night video contest. Videos will need to be submitted no later than Friday, June 3rd on a CD.
    - Videos cannot be longer than 10 minutes.
    - Have good entertainment value (i.e. entertain the audience)
    -Most creative and well-edited video wins a Cypres 2! (Did I mention how much the folks at Cypres rock?)

    Speaking of Cypres....Regan Tetlow from Skydive Empuriabrava will be attending the event all week long reporting for Cypres. He will be injecting some serious fun during the week.

    We're excited for all the feedback we've received and are striving to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time!!

    62 Days and counting!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  9. Skydive Carolina presents CarolinaFest 2011!

    EVENT DATES: May 31 - June 5
    PLACE: Skydive Carolina!

    PRE-REGISTRATION We'll be capping the attendance again this year to 325. Be sure to pre-register to get your awesome boogie bag and jump with our amazing lineup of LO's! Capping is done to ensure low wait times to get on aircraft and the opportunity to get with our great LO's. To pre-register and for more up to date event details, visit:

    Brian Buckland
    Melanie Curtis
    Amy Chmelecki
    Melissa Nelson
    Team Scarecrow
    Simon Palacio
    Justin Shorb
    Team Carolina Ice
    Team Carolina Turbo XP
    Pepe Rodriguez handling raft dives


    Coaching Workshop - Melanie Curtis
    Wingsuit World Record Vertical 49-Way Qualifier w/ Justin Shorb

    CYPRES' PINK PARTY - Best Dressed in Pink - WINS A CYPRES 2!

    Video Contest (Winning Video: WINS A CYPRES 2!)
    Rodriguez Brothers Initiations

    FREE LOADS - Local companies support you, the jumper by purchasing Twin Otter loads to give away free jumps! Free loads will be given out on Thursday and Saturday morning of the event.

    CONFIRMED VENDORS as of March 23

    Blue Skies Magazine
    Cookie Composites
    EG Sky
    Icarus Canopies
    Mirage Systems
    Performance Designs
    SkyVenture Colorado
    Tony Suits
    UPT Vector

    We hope you'll join us for what is sure to be a great time!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  10. It's now Monday morning and the DZ is completely quiet after 6 great days. As I look around, I cannot help but smile and think of all the fun we had through the course of the week. To everyone that attended, thank you so much for coming and supporting us! It was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to CarolinaFest 2011! To our AMAZING LO's, Vendors, pilots, packers, staff and volunteers - thank you for your hard work and time. Without your awesome attitudes and willingness to please, this event would not have been the success that it was.

    The event was blessed with good weather as we had 5 great days of jumping until Sunday's winds grounded everyone.

    By The Numbers:

    We had a new SC Headdown State Record established on Saturday (14-way) and an unofficial record of 19 set.

    Pepe Rodriguez initiated 52 new brothers and bumpie brothers into the brotherhood.

    3 different bands played through the week and all were awesome!

    9 Kegs of Yuengling were consumed.

    50 Dozen eggs were used by Dale's Dive In for breakfasts in the morning

    12 Twin Otter loads were sponsored which equated to 264 free jumps given away

    The Load Sponsors were:
    Dilworth Billiards
    Doggy Styles Mobile Grooming
    The Olde English District (2 Loads)
    Skydive Carolina
    Freefall Photo
    Paraclete XP (2 Loads)
    Sunshine Recycling
    Sunshine Auto and Salvage
    Sunshine Steel
    Rampart Aviation

    18 Load Organizers were on hand for the week and they were:

    Brian Buckland (Lead Video)
    Amy Chmelecki
    Melanie Curtis
    Turbo XP: Ben Worrall, Andrew Happick, Joey Coffineau, Doug Barron
    Joey Freeman
    Jan Lane
    Justin Shorb
    Simon 'Bones' Palacio
    Pepe Rodriguez
    Kirk Verner
    Chris Wagner
    Derek VanBoeschoten
    Team Scarecrow: Dave Colucci, Rob Antalocy, Tuck Pendelton

    2,878 jumps were made for the week despite being completely weathered out on Sunday.

    175 total loads were flown.

    20 Balloon Jumps made

    36 Helicopter jumps made (12 loads)

    17 Vendors were on Vendor Row

    The Vendors were:
    Blue Skies Magazine
    Cookie Composites
    EG SKY
    Mirage Systems
    Performance Designs
    Sky Systems
    Sun Path
    Tony Suit
    UPT Vector

    3,360 bottles (140 Cases) of VitaminWater was consumed for the week. Thank you VitaminWater for taking such amazing care of our jumpers! Please support this company - they were an integral part of this event's success by keeping everyone hydrated and offering complimentary drinks each and every day!

    The best stat of all..........

    0 Injuries

    At the end of the day, it's always about the people.......A HUGE thank you to everyone who was involved and who came out! We look forward to doing it again in 2011!

    May 31 - June 5

    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  11. Day 3 in the books and what a great day today.....despite some low clouds that took much longer to clear than hoped - it couldn't have been better - as Kim said, the DZ roared to life when it was time to go and we didn't look back. I think the anticipation for the weekend is building as the first three days have been so much fun already. Amy Chmelecki and Justin Shorb are our most recent organizers to arrive this evening in prep for tomorrow. Chris Wagner arrives early in the morning to lead the RW contingent and Kirk Verner will be following on Saturday morning.
    What makes the LO's so great is not just their individual skill levels, but their attitudes as people...these are all the best flyers with the best attitudes and the positivity is spreading like wildfire around the DZ.

    Vendor row looks impressive with all currently present. PD orange is literally glowing from one end of the DZ to the next. It's fun to see so many people stopping by vendor row and either taking measurements or inquiring about gear.....Currently, PD, Mirage, Cypres, EG Sky, Cookie Composites, Sky Systems, Tony Suits, Hypoxic (with Trunk's very impressive 5th wheel) Pittz, Blue Skies Magazine, UPT Vector, Icarus, LiquidSky and VitaminWater are all on the row. VitaminWater has been an amazing beverage sponsor supplying complimentary drinks to everyone for the entire week - no one has gone thirsty!

    This year we've decided to add a new tradition to this event which is bringing in the US flag each morning to the National Anthem....Gene Stuart brought it in this morning to great applause and he'll be opening the day again tomorrow morning at 7:30am.

    Okay, it's been a long one but a great one and we're stoked for three more days of great fun!

    To view pictures from Day 3, check out this link. Photos shot by Quincy Kennedy and flag photos shot by Jorge Alonso!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  12. Here we are - two days thru, and despite long hours, we are all having a blast hosting this event! Seeing old faces and meeting new ones is always a pleasure but it’s the vibe that gets us all going. When two airplanes run concurrently and the march through the loading gates is a steady stream all day, you can’t help but get excited especially when it’s only Wednesday. Four great days are ahead and with it more great people and load organizers still yet to arrive.

    Today saw life breathed into vendor row. What was an open field with white lines painted to indicate where everyone sets up has been replaced with a myriad of colors from the industry’s vendors. As Rob from Cypres put feels like a small Skydive Expo with so many folks starting to pull in. Hearing the steady flapping of wind blades in the breeze, canopies opening and the constant drone of aircraft on jump run......we’re having fun!

    Melanie Curtis (Ms. Melsinore) arrived this evening immediately sprinkling the DZ with her awesome vibes. It seems that she’s as excited about the event as the participants are which only gets everyone more pumped. Tomorrow morning will be an early start with the first balloon launch at 6:15am. The winds are calling for light and variable so I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone lands on the DZ. We’ll be bringing in Old Glory as well at around 7:30am (a new daily tradition for CarolinaFest) followed by free jumps (20 minute call at 7:40am).

    So.......through two days.....we’ve had great weather, great vibes and some amazing skydives! Videos to come soon!

    Incidentally, we've had a few calls from folks wondering if they should come out because they didn't pre-register.....roll out. After a pre-registration count of 150, we added additional staff and expect the PAC, Otter and Casa to all be flying real hard through the weekend. Come enjoy the good vibes and Southern hospitality!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  13. Chuck: welcome back amigo! We've got lots planned for this year! Will be good to see you again.

    swhuffman96: Look forward to meeting you. We do have lots of people coming in from all over the place especially from the ATL area.

    For those that are flying in and are not renting a car, let us know as we may be able to assist with getting you a ride in. At the very least we will be using Carolina Cab Co:

    Boogie News: final design on tee shirts have been submitted and we'll be seeing them next week. Ladies, we've got women's cut tees for you as well.

    Aircraft: We are adding a third aircraft to the lineup to handle overflow from the Casa and Otter. Aircraft type to be announced this week.

    Helicopter: We do need minimum registration numbers for the helicopter to fly. The heli is scheduled to fly on Saturday morning of the event. It's not atypical to receive registrations as we get closer to the event, but we'd like to have minimums shored up sooner than later. If considering it, please register here:

    Freefly Coaching Rob, Tuck and Dave will be on hand for the entire week for freefly coaching. If you'd like to get with one of the guys to up your skills, all info, pricing and scheduling can be found here:

    RW Coaching: Jan Lane will be offering individual one on one RW coaching for an inexpensive coaching rate aside from load organizing.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  14. Hi Kimberly - you guys are definitely all set! I just double checked on your pre-registration and you're good to go! Look forward to meeting you guys!

    In other quick news....Hypoxic will be joining us on vendor row! A camera flyer seminar will be hosted on Friday and Saturday of the event at noon each day. This will be a similar seminar that was held at the Expo which was a great one! If you fly camera at all this is a must to sit in on!

    Updates are literally coming in fast and furious! Stay tuned as lots of great things are happening. Boogie bag supplies are rolling in now daily....lots of great schwag this year - we think everyone will be stoked with what you receive! Pre-registering guarantees your correct shirt size, saves you $5 bucks and will have your boogie bag awaiting you at check in and we will send a waiver in advance to you to save time at check-in.

    A note on pre-registration - pre-registration is at unprecedented numbers - all are encouraged to register to ensure your spot with all the fun!

    On a final note, we will be starting a new tradition at this year's event for years to come - beginning Thursday thru Sunday, we will be bringing in the star spangled banner on Load 1 of each day to set the tone of how privileged we are to enjoy such an amazing sport in an amazing country.

    That's all for now!
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  15. We are 24 days away and we are counting down with great anticipation! Pre-registration has been very healthy and it looks like we've got a great crowd coming out! Blue Skies Magazine and LiquidSky will now be attending with rumors that Trunk will be coming up with Hypoxic goodies and stickers.....(ladies, be on the lookout!). Here is the latest happenings for the event:
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  16. CarolinaFest Update: for those history buffs and aviation lovers, History Flight will be onsite for the weekend of CarolinaFest offering rides from either their N2S Stearman or AT-6 Texan. 15 minute (Intro Flight) , 30 minute (Barnstormer) or 60 minute Ultimate Barnstormer flights are available. Their tour stop is listed as 'Charlotte' on their website, but all operations will be taking place with us. If interested, book directly with History Flight either by calling them at 888-743-3311 or visit their site at
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  17. Thanks for stating that Shag...I have been there as well and it's really nice as well....great lake as your backdrop and literally 10 minutes from the DZ.

    Incidentally, Icarus is now a confirmed vendor for CarolinaFest and will be bringing demos galore......
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  18. Hi Taxiway - sorry for the slow response on this - I haven't been on the boards in about a week or so. RV Slots sold out two weeks ago. The pre-registrations this year have been more robust than any boogie we've hosted in the past. If you plan to attend - please preregister here:


    1. We've just added Brian Buckland to our organizer list. Brian will be the lead photographer capturing the happenings of the event.

    2. We've just booked our band for the Saturday night of the event....a great band with a great vibe and very popular in Charlotte.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  19. Great question on the free loads. Here's what we've got:

    First come first serve at manifest with the following stipulations:

    1. Rig must be packed in order to manifest. (must have rig with you when manifesting, but you do not need to be geared up).
    2. Cannot manifest more than 3 loads out.
    3. Others cannot manifest for you, nor can you manifest others. Everyone must manifest for themselves.

    The best time to catch the free loads is on Thursday if you can make it. The first year we did this, we had a young lady who was a very fast packer and she made 5 free jumps.

    Not much to it really. The Thursday loads will go on call at 8:00am. Saturday's loads will go on call at 7:00am.

    I'd like to remind everyone to pre-register if you're for sure that you are coming. We plan to cap attendance at a around 300 to ensure that wait times for aircraft are not long, the opportunity to jump with LO's is fair and that the opportunity to get at least one free jump for everyone is there and the event can be managed properly without overextending resources. (That sentence may qualify as a run-on). In other words, we are wanting to ensure everyone enjoys a quality boogie which will diminish if too many are on-site. Hopefully, we'll get 300 jumpers, but based on pre-registration numbers now with three months to go, that's the number we are planning for.

    Check out the event blog at for more detailed updates.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  20. slices, it dices, it repels'll get a Shamwow and a SlapChop in your boogie bag! ;) Not only do we have more free loads to be announced but any regular Joe Skydiver can jump with........Simon Bones Palacio! Simon, please hold your autograph sessions until after the jump!

    Things are coming together nicely for the event and we are very excited to be seeing old friends and new. A lot of things are well-organized and we are still working to bring more value to this event for everyone. We recognize the expense everyone goes through just to attend a boogie and our aim is provide a safe event, a fun event, and bring good value by offering the opportunity to jump on someone else's dime (two free jumps will offset your registration fee), a quality boogie bag and of course a strong organizer lineup. All that being said, we'll be at the Expo next week - please say hi if you'll be down there.

    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012

  21. Couple of quick updates as things are coming together rapidly.

    SunPath is the latest major manufacture to join vendor row and VitaminWater is now the official beverage sponsor for CarolinaFest 2010. No jumper shall be thirsty! Thank you SunPath and VitaminWater. and SunPath

    Updated list of vendors:

    Cookie Composites
    Cypres (Airtec)
    EG SKY
    Mirage Systems
    Performance Designs
    UPT Vector

    The roll call for this event is on Facebook ----> CarolinaFest.
    We have 200+ RSVP'd. It's going to be a lot of fun and we're looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new one's.
    Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
    May 29 - June 3, 2012