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  1. Great article - loved the comparisons! We are required to use at least one visual aid, any suggestions since ppt is not getting the votes. This is a very short presentation - 5 minutes, so it needs to be quick and effective. Also, what were the innaccuracies you encountered? I'm not going to try and persuade the class that it is safe(as it is not), just try and persuade them it is effective as teambuilding. Again thanks for article, and hope all your risktaking is rewarding!
  2. Now, that would be an interesting intro or conclusion! I've already realized there will certainly be resistance to even the idea of skydiving as teambuilding, but luckily we are not graded on if we actually persuade anyone, just graded on the speech/presentation itself. And I plan on incorporating into my presentation options(ballonning, photographing event, ride/no jump,etc) for those reluctant to participate in skydiving as teambuilding. I would never want, and hope no business leader would want, anyone to feel coerced into something as dangerous as skydiving. But there is something to be said on both the individual and corporate business level for risk/reward evaluation and individual/group empowerment. I do think a video clip incorporated into powerpoint could work. Bigun - don't worry I won't fumble with the infocus projector, and I'll do my best to get 'em excited, but I am just supposed to wear business attire .
  3. I've done it - I've chosen the topic for my business communication class required persuasive speech - "Skydiving is an excellent choice for teambuilding in the business enviroment". The topic has to be related to business somehow, and this is what I came up with.
  4. i'm such a stupid newbie!! if i had just looked 8 threads down i would have seen that some other stupid newbie had the same suggestion! well hell, at least i got one reply
  5. just thinking, how interesting would it be to have a newbie forum? when i first came to, i knew exactly where to go - introductions and greets. now I feel kinda lost. i mean i read a lot of old threads, but feel too new to post in the other forums. and a newbie forum would be highly entertaining! every once in a while one of our wise veterans could step in and tell us what stupid newbies we were. and every once in while, us stupid newbies could impress some of the wise veterans with how smart we really were and wanted to be.
  6. Getting involved in skydiving almost guarantees you are going to have to give something up. So. what was it for you - financial stability, wuffo friends, that new car you were eyeing, etc. ? what has been your biggest sacrifice/lifestyle change you've made for skydiving?
  7. Tax return is on the way, and I'm going to use a chunk of it to resume aff.
  8. thank you! I've never wanted to learn as much about anything as I do about skydiving. And while I know I will learn the most from jumping, and jumping some more, Dropzone has been a great source for me, in terms of education and entertainment. As a newbie, I've learned that whuffos and experienced skydivers alike don't really want to hear anything I have to say about my new obsession. And like skybytch said, I do feel like I'm in the euphoria stage where it's all I think about. I don't think anyone can argue that is an amazing source for all skydivers. Maybe there should be a forum - Newbie advice noone should ever take.. I do agree that I sometimes feel a level of discomfort in even posting, but do know that what you bring to the table is respected and valued. I think most of the experienced jumpers don't want to see us in the incidents forum because we foolishly took bad advice from the wrong person. I just try to realize that the skydiving community is a small one, and most of these people know/know of one another. So when a newbie comes along thay really have no idea of knowing if we are the next scott lutz, or the next billvon . But as we grow and learn, I hope we will feel more valued. Even though respect isn't going to come easy, keep at it, it will come. And hopefully one day we'll have a hard time remembering what it was like to be a newbie. Thanks again for your post, to all the others who've posted before, and to all the others who will post in the future. . .
  9. I've only been in the sport since 9/11/2004 myself, and am feeling alot like you. But, even though sometimes wonder if I will be able to give up my life as I now know it(skydiving-welcome to the world of the financially irresponsible,right?), I know I will jump again. Your numbers are higher, but I think the most difficult thing we face is how we think. I think and feel like I'm not a skydiver yet, but not a whuffo either. But I think just by posting here and visiting the forums, you know that skydiving may not actually be "out of [your] mind". Sometimes I too feel like the magic is leaving, but I know I haven't played with it enough to let it go. I plan on making a comeback this spring and giving it all I can. I would love to hear the answers to all your questions too. In the meantime, dream, read, talk, plan, watch, study skydiving. We may blend in with the rest of the wuffos, but we both know why we are constantly looking up at the sky. Hope to see you in the skies soon! Quinn Analysis is paralysis.
  10. Just wondering at what point in your skydiving did everyone stop falling in freefall and start "flying"?
  11. baawaahaaaa! ***$20 a jump adds up when you're doing 5-10 a weekend. *** Is it a couple jumps a month or 5-10 a weekend?Gotcha!
  12. I think people are misinterpreting what I meant. All I was trying to say is a mistake does not automatically equal death. And i realize that most fatalities in this sport result from a mistake, or a series of them. I have no intention of being careless or ignorant in my approach to this sport, I was simply wanting to read something that could give me some ideas on what to do(smart choices), rather than just read what not to do. Feel scared for me if you must, but realize with my numbers, I still have enough fear on my own.. Thanks for the ideas so far.
  13. . . . Jump 4, decided not to take zantrex and drink Red Bull on way to dz, like I had the week before.. Much less nervous overall. As a student, I would love to hear about some of the smarter skydiving things ya'll have done. Ron says, "This sport does not care who you are, How much experience you have, or how nice you are...It WILL kill you if you screw up." But really, It WILL NOT necessarily kill you if you screw up. You can do a poor packing job, lose altitude awarenees, land off, screw up, and live. I'm brand new and expect to screw up, but hopefully the smart choices we make will outweigh the mistakes.
  14. I completely agree. Sept 11 I did a tandem for my 30th, and knew it had changed me forever. After that day, I knew that I've never longed for something like I was longing for another jump. So of I quickly signed up. I shelled out $600 over the course of a month for one more tandem, gound school, and aff jump I and II. And now, it's Nov 19, I've opened all the bills, and realized that I need to really need to get my finances in order as I enter this not so cheap addiction. . In the meantime I'm reading the sims, checked out every skydiving book my library offers, watched videos, and lurked and posted here (kind of like masturbating when you really want intercourse). As I gain knowledge, I feel very inexperienced and wonder if I'll ever really notice other people in the sky, much less do rw. I don't think I fear jumping out of an airplane, I think I fear not jumping out of airplane. I know knowledge is powerful, but experience is priceless. So while I try to catch up and budget, may an unusually sunny day sneak in(hopefully right after payday) and give me the wonderful oppurtunity to jump! Can anyone offer advice on how to practice and prepare if i do lose currency?