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  1. Now that would be funny - and I could actually mount a real cowbell on top. . .
  2. to represent the large amount of BS that got me through school. . . ?
  3. Ah. . . 15 years, 3 colleges, two kids and countless adventures later, I am finally graduating tomorrow!!! And I need some opinions on what to put on my cap. I'm open to any ideas, or if you'll just tell me which of my ideas you like. #1 For us Emma & Noah #2 Better Late Than Never #3 A defining moment for us Emma & Noah
  4. Great article - loved the comparisons! We are required to use at least one visual aid, any suggestions since ppt is not getting the votes. This is a very short presentation - 5 minutes, so it needs to be quick and effective. Also, what were the innaccuracies you encountered? I'm not going to try and persuade the class that it is safe(as it is not), just try and persuade them it is effective as teambuilding. Again thanks for article, and hope all your risktaking is rewarding!
  5. Now, that would be an interesting intro or conclusion! I've already realized there will certainly be resistance to even the idea of skydiving as teambuilding, but luckily we are not graded on if we actually persuade anyone, just graded on the speech/presentation itself. And I plan on incorporating into my presentation options(ballonning, photographing event, ride/no jump,etc) for those reluctant to participate in skydiving as teambuilding. I would never want, and hope no business leader would want, anyone to feel coerced into something as dangerous as skydiving. But there is something to be said on both the individual and corporate business level for risk/reward evaluation and individual/group empowerment. I do think a video clip incorporated into powerpoint could work. Bigun - don't worry I won't fumble with the infocus projector, and I'll do my best to get 'em excited, but I am just supposed to wear business attire .
  6. I've done it - I've chosen the topic for my business communication class required persuasive speech - "Skydiving is an excellent choice for teambuilding in the business enviroment". The topic has to be related to business somehow, and this is what I came up with.
  7. Watch til the end!
  8. Oh whew - my silliness meter was low and my sensitivity meter was high. All better now
  9. At least I can read! anywho. . . Even though I may not rank it as one of the great literary pieces of our time, I thought it was great compared to a book not about skydiving. All I'm doing is offering to give it to anyone who may want it - no charge, no shipping. And when you're a lowly student(which I'm sure linz. you never were) anything related to the sky that you don't have to pay for is nice. Oh - and no, I'm not always on bottom. . Anyways offers still up - if anyone wants it pm me your address, since others may try and shame you into not reading a book about the sport. Go figure.
  10. Just saw Jason Heider and Bally Hathaway playing skytennis on ripleys on Sci-fi. cool
  11. what about the theme song from the 80's show - greatest american hero?
  12. Just acknowledging that you still want to be "irresponsible" is very responsible. As long as you are enjoying your life, that is all that matters. I bet your scrapbooking friend just wishes her scrapbook had some air pictures like yours Keep studying, and leave those types on the ground!
  13. i'm such a stupid newbie!! if i had just looked 8 threads down i would have seen that some other stupid newbie had the same suggestion! well hell, at least i got one reply