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  1. Sadly, you are right. The Everglades Boogie will probably never have that big of a flight line again, just like we will probably never have another Quincy (World FreeFall Convention). As much fun as it was, as aviation and liability have evolved over the years in the U.S., many of the specialty aircraft we flew in the past are now too restricted and/or too expensive given the uncertainty of weather at any skydiving event. Also, Miami Center has asked that we not do high-altitude jumps during the boogies, as it's just too much for them handle with all of the other activity in this area. Also, we have never done night jumps during the boogie and never would due to the party atmosphere. We do look forward to having at least a Super Caravan and Super Skyvan, and hopefully a Super Otter and helicopter, on next year's flight line! Stay tuned for more details!
  2. Thank you everyone who attended the Everglades Boogie, jumpers and vendors, we were amazed at the turnout. We never imagined so many people would attend our first event, over 300 registrants and over 250 tandems. We learned a lot from this one and expect our future Boogies to be even better. The response from all of you has been heart warming. My staff , Rick and myself appreciate all of the encouragement, we look forward to bringing you even more aircraft and events to choose from next winter. Harry Parker has some pictures and a video of the Boogie posted to his website at take a peek. We will keep everyone informed on the beach event in the works for April.
  3. There will be Balloon jumps for experienced skydivers. The price will be $125 for skydivers and $175 for observers with a $10 charge for anyone paying with a credit card (we are not making any $ off of the balloon jumps so we have to at least cover any credit card charges). They are trying to bring out 4 balloons knowing that there may be only one or two runs with winter winds and want to accommodate as many people as possible. The balloon is first come first serve. We are going to have a blast!!!
  4. Camping will be on the airport grounds. It is just that "camping" all campers must be self-contained, there are no hook-ups for electric or water. There will be porta potties but no showers. Quite a few people are planning on Rving for the weekend. There is a KOA campground about 5 miles from the airport if you want all of the amenities.
  5. Skydive Air Adventures in Clewiston is gearing up for an awesome time, January 25-28, 2008! Super Otter, Skyvan, 2 Hot Air Balloons and a Helicopter. Lyle Presse along with Jason Jerusalem and others will be organizing some great jumps. Live band, free camping and of course adult refreshments will be provided. We will see ya' there!
  6. Thank you everyone who showed up to Caleb's memorial Saturday. It was overwhelming just how many people he has touched over his lifetime. I'm speechless over the past weeks events and the support that his family and us, as his friends, have received. Caleb was more than a brother to me...I will miss him and his laughing "cakle" on a daily basis. He cared for you all more than you could imagine, or more than he would have ever let you know. Lisa