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  1. I've scaled back to doing 90s on most loads these days due to the increasing number of newer jumpers who seem to have no fucking idea why it's idiotic to spiral down below high performance traffic then start their standard (and not-so-standard, unpredictable, random s-turn) approaches across the high performance area at my home DZ.
  2. 1.) Check main landing area to be sure I have a large enough audience. 2.) Spiral down to 700ft. 3.) Hook.
  3. I love the description, seeing as how he posted it himself: "The amazing skydiving footage of Brian Germain. "
  4. I'm all for going to other dropzones when time permits, but personally I'm not going to drive 3 hours to do cessna hop and pops at a dropzone without a pond. Sorry.
  5. You need to downsize before you can learn to swoop. Based on your current skill level, and taking the incredible amount of experience you have into consideration, I'd suggest something sub-100. Anything larger wouldn't be enough of a challenge for someone of your skill level.
  6. They were probably never really your friends. You seem to whine a lot about nothing. Not many people like people who whine constantly. I find that incredibly hard to believe. How did you get to the dropzone to begin with? If you didn't drive yourself, maybe you'll think twice about that next time?
  7. A certain camera flyer for a team I won't name this past weekend almost inspired me to write an article called: SITTING NEXT TO THE DOOR: A SKYDIVERS WORST NIGHTMARE Inside: Learn how to gracefully back into the hole without anyone noticing what a pussy you are.
  8. If the quoted text describes you, it might be time to reconsider skydiving.
  9. If you were already drunk, chances are you never did really feel the effect of the absinth. The "hallucinogenic" (more like a mild contact high if you ask me) effects tend to be cancelled out by the alcohol after a few shots.
  10. Why would anyone want to give you any information? I'll always do my best to make sure incidents I see never make it to this forum. Leave investigating incidents to people who know what they're talking about.
  11. A large number of the people who frequent this forum are morons, and it can be difficult for newer people to figure that out. Best to leave the advice to actual skydivers rather than keyboard jockeys who make 20 skydives a year.