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  1. This same question gets asked so much it may as well become a sticky...
  2. use windows media player for wmv files instead.. or vlc or mplayer. Raw Photos should take a little time to load, especially in iphoto. The new macbook with the same specs, except for the hard drive size is super super fast with no beach balls (even with Rosetta). Perhaps you have a funny RAM chip(s), corrupt preference, background process running, or sketchy logic board. I would consider an erase and install to see if the problem persists, if so, I would get it to a mac specialist to look into it. (I am a mac certified desktop and portable technician)
  3. This was a perfect discussion... Someone posts something that is f*cked up, and should cause an uproar, and the first post by someone who is publically not a democrat, is "Did it bother you when Clinton did it?" LOL ha ha ha... it's so pathetic how nothing gets discussed, and everything is simply divided by party lines. What an embarrassment. WHO CARES IF CLINTON DID IT OR DIDN'T DO IT? IT'S HAPPENING TODAY AND TODAY IS THE PROBLEM
  4. Yeah guys, cut Bush some slack! LOL Bush has wasted money, wasted resources, made poor decisions, and ignored many serious issues... he's put us in a worse position now then we were 9/12/2001... it's basically a matter of time before we are attacked again, and nothing that Bush has done is protecting us from that. Hey, give the man a break! I bet GWB loves Burger King and American Idol... Clay was probably his favorite, with Katherine a close second. lol
  5. the ones they give you at the tunnel...
  6. i think maybe having the still camera flipped the other way would make more sense... this way the bite switch wire doesn't have to extend far from the top of the helmet to reach the port on the camera, and you can swap CF cards without removing the camera. just a thought
  7. they will give you a lifetime warranty
  8. seriously? Then we might as well nuke the whole country so we can kill the 20,000+ insurgents, terrorists and anti-americans. All the civilian deaths would be worth it...
  9. Civilians on the street probably knew who he was, knew his comings and goings, and turned a blind eye. Guilty by complicity. Maybe one of them should have taken him out personally, collected $25 Mil. and gone to Disney World. Predictable response... He was in a safe house in some neighborhood so everyone in all the surrounding houses in that area deserve to be killed too... that's a little bit ridiculous. I bet that that there were kids, young adults, adults, grandparents all over the area that was hit... not some network of 4 or 5 safehouses, but an entire neighborhood/community of innocent people killed. Watch the video, it's pretty fucked up.
  10. I just watched the video of the bombing and it's crazy how many civilians must have been destroyed from the blast.. The explosions were huge! I'm all about getting the mad guy, but it's really a shame how many iraqi civilians are getting killed by non-iraqis to accomplish this goal.
  11. I agree... I focus more on a good arch and stable deployment than turning my head during opening. I keep my focus on the horizon just like wearing a regular helmet.
  12. the problem, or rather one of the problems with shooting 2 mp is that for 8x10 prints, there's no room for cropping... I'm under the impression that the wedding/event industry shoots with 4-17megapixel cameras as standard, not 2 megapixel cameras.
  13. Canon 20d 5 frames per second and the 350d (XT) is 3 frames per second... more if you don't shoot in RAW. The problem with shooting tandems with RAW is that you can't really hand someone a cd with RAW images on it and assumen that they can open them. (unless they have a mac). You should convert to jpeg and then deliver which equals additional post processing time.
  14. it works... i have a couple canons and shoot exclusively in RAW. My desktop runs Aperture, but I only have iphoto on my laptop. Its kinda slow, but iphoto accepts the files no problem
  15. Thank you Chuck for seeing the big picture :-)
  16. he's doing a complete 360 rotation, not turning 180 and back... thats the tricky part
  17. no, not the old overpass vid... Jeffro just sent me this clip from europe. he's calling it the miracle man
  18. I like the look of the ouragon suits... but I wear my matter suit. Same as skydiving
  19. It's one move, and I think only one person has done it so far, but I could be totally wrong... can you guess what it is? (I have a clip of it and can post later today)
  20. This has been sooooooooooooooooooooo discussed already.