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  1. The MC3 was both stand alone and an external dvd burner for a computer. Do you know if we can still use MC5 as an external dvd burner if we use SD? -I don't think so but I could be wrong Does iMovie import AVCHD, and then changes the format? -Yes Is that why we cannot output footage form Mac as HD to MC5? -The MC5 is a DVD burner that can burn AVCHD DVD which look 1080i when played with Blu-Ray players, other than that, it doesn't burn HD (I had to check the box to be sure) Sorry for lame questions. I am new to this non-linear stuff -Me, too
  2. I don't think so... I believe that when you import into imovie or FCE, it decompresses the data. I can experiment a little this weekend...
  3. You can't connect the MC5 to a computer, it's a stand alone burner (assuming you're talking about the Sony VRD-MC5)
  4. OK, so DVDSP can create a hd dvd image file that can then be burned onto BD? Can you elaborate on this a little? Any options w/o DVDSP? It's so funny that iMovie and FCPE4 both work with HD, but none of the dvd apps actuaally burn hd dvds lol
  5. OK, cool... but is it possible to burn hd dvd from a mac? When I looked into it with DVD studio Pro or iDVD it wasn't totally clear one way or another
  6. avchd will burn to dvd at 1080i, but it's not straight forward... Sony makes a stand alone burner (VRD-MC5), but I would really prefer to edit then burn...
  7. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get AVCHD onto DVD with the HD image quality... I know it's possible, but haven't found a clear set of instructions on how to accomplish this. Should this be easy? (I've burned footage by exporting as quicktime and bringing into iDVD, but there's major degradation of quality) Thanks very much I'm on a mac, running Final Cut Express 4 -drew
  8. (Cover of the weekend section)
  9. is that codec installed with fcp? I ask that because a)I don't have it on my mbp and b)it's mentioned a couple of times on the web
  10. also, try shutting down the macbook once off, hold down the power button until the macbook beeps, then let go and wait for it to restart make sure you have installed all the updates from apple.
  11. if you're on a mac, you can use a program called handbrake to convert dvd data (vob) to a number of formats.
  12. Dude, it was soooo hot (90+ degrees, close to 100% humidity) that maybe he stayed in the pond to stqy cool... or maybe because they was concern for back injury. I don't know.
  13. Jeffro took it... I was really paying attention to the injury so I won't speak of what did or didn't happen, winds were light and variable, but man was it hot on saturday. Frost already commented on his place and I'm not sure about the other russians :-)
  14. From Saturday... (try to look past the watermark )
  15. If you're mouse pad is anything but a solid color, it will cause your cursor to "jump all over" your monitor.
  16. Book block times and share them with your friends... You need to lok under experienced/skydivers to get the block rates!
  17. Download the Quicktime Installer, not the iTunes/Quicktime combo and try installing it.
  18. Microsoft stopped updating IE for the Mac many years ago. Your friend should be using Safari or Firefox to surf the web from her iBook. She should have no problems... (Apple Certified Desktop and Portable Technician)
  19. It would make sense that instead of entering the years in sport, members could enter the year or date they started and the forum automatically keeps the number up to date. :-)