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  1. I had a very high level of fear for my first 17 jumps, I remember practically shaking and asking myself why the hell do I keep putting myself through this. I also remember jump 18 becoming easier for some reason. That's not to say that I've not second guessed jumping a couple other times in the plane, heck around jump 100 I actually rode the plane down once because I just wasn't feeling it, but now I just consider what I experience a healthy amount of fear that keeps my on my toes. That bit of fear I still have is what keeps me practicing my EPs, religiously making it my business what the others around me are doing, triple checking my gear, not allowing myself to become complacent. As others have said, it's really up to you to decide if it is worth it, but I think you are definitely not alone here and many find that they can push through the fear. For me, the amazing people I was able to hang out with who also encouraged and mentored me made what I was doing worth it. No matter what you decide, have fun!
  2. They are a blast... But the landing somewhere you have no clue about is a real risk. On my jump the landing area we had picked from above had a mess of power lines in it that I did not notice until I was beyond being able to choose an ideal secondary landing spot, I wound up in some small trees / large bushes, took a little bit to untangle my canopy from that mess, but it was better than the alternative. I would absolutely do it again.
  3. Can't say I've ever planned to throw my handles, it's just what has happened on both of my cut aways. Maybe next time will be different.
  4. I would guess that a lot of that has to do with next big cost of sticking with the sport... Gear.
  5. nate_1979


    Look at the manufactures canopy sizing guidelines when it comes to putting a larger canopy into a container... For example, I look at my containers chart, for the most part the maximum sized canopies are all 190s, but there are a couple 210 canopies that will work such as the low pack volume PD Pulse 210.
  6. Almost 40 years! I look forward to hearing about your first jump back when you get back up there! I’m returning from 14 years away, first jump back should be this weekend, but my 14 years seems like such a small period of time now lol.
  7. Of course its IMPOSSIBLE to shut everything down for 2 weeks. Some people HAVE to go places, nurses, long term care facilities, hospitals, people who make sure you get power to keep that food that you go to the store cold, people in the food chain, people who keep your city water up and running, etc etc... The list goes on and on. Your 100% shutdown could never happen and even suggesting that it could be possible even if everyone wanted to do it and agreed to it is simply out of touch with reality.
  8. You do understand why we can't keep everything shutdown right? The whole economy thing, people having jobs, needing to make a living, food on the table, etc etc? Even those "unnecessary" things provide someone's job. Or do you honestly think that keeping everything shutdown for a year is completely ok and doable?
  9. The goal of flattening the curve was never to stay shutdown until the threat goes away, that's simply not a realistic goal at this point. It was to help hospitals be able to deal with the influx of patients. We did that, it's time to open things back up now.
  10. Not a TI but this right here is a major risk factor that YOU need to take into consideration. I was talking with some people about the risks that I'm willing to take and I mentioned this very factor. I am choosing to let my guard down some while I still take what I consider to be reasonable precautions for MY situation. Because I am choosing to let my guard down some, and because I understand that I am increasing the risk that I could carry the virus, I am also paying special attention to who I am around. I am actively avoiding anyone I know who is in a higher risk category, I also avoid those who I know are wanting to avoid risk more than I am out of respect regardless of what their reasoning is. I am not visiting my older relatives. I live alone, I don't have anyone who is high risk depending on me, nor do I have the need to see anyone in those categories in person. If your situation is different, act accordingly.
  11. I used to ask myself that all the time... After a couple years I wound up hanging it up. 14 years later I’m picking it back up because I never stopped missing it. I still can’t explain why. I’m happy when I jump, I’m happy when I hang out at the DZ, I love the people I jump(ed) with, I love the rush, and I’ve never found anything else quite like it.
  12. Just went through all the videos, I’ll still be doing an in person course when I go back this year (I’ve been away for a long time) but I thought it was really good. It’s a nice thing for them to offer.
  13. Thanks! I needed to spend some money.
  14. Curious, Who did you get this suit from?
  15. BSBD Chris, the reserves you packed me saved my life more than once, and I was lucky enough to get to jump with you multiple times when I was still in the sport --- I am very sad hearing this news, and you will be missed. FGF #??? I miss the sky... There are 10 types of people in the world... those who understand binary and those who don't.