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  1. The super wide angle lenses of the go-pros make hand cam, even done by a 5'4" instructor, quite good. You may have to reach a little and to roll your wrist down a bit, depending upon where your student ends up in the frame. Just keep experimenting. I still think you can do a better job than your student will- trying to film his/her own skydive. Many examples of my video are on Youtube; just type in Skydive Coastal Carolinas.
  2. I'm exactly your size, and I can tell you that it's completely doable.... I have taken as tall as 6'4" and as heavy as 255# out of a 182. The harnesses are adjustable (I only jump Sigmas); you can jump 330's (I love our Hops 330s- very light toggle pressure). Really, it's so much fun, and if you really love and care about your students, the discomforts will be quite minor. Laura Mullen DZO, Santa Cruz Skydiving
  3. I guess we all like the ones we trained with.... I'll put in my vote for Kip Lohmiller- for all the same reasons... Laura