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  1. I received a similar email: On 17-Sep-2014 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => leonwjwritter75 URL => Name => Leon J Witter FromEmail => City => Country => Comments => Hello Seller, My name is Mr Leon J Witter . I am interested in your Containers for sale ,Kindly mail me back if its for sale 1. How long have you owned it? 2. Have you owned it from new? If not how many previous owner? 3. In your opinion, what sort of condition is it? 4 Last Asking Price?
  2. GanGirl

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    On very short notice, our team changed our plans for our 3 1/2 day training camp to go to CSC from another dz. The CSC staff bent over backwards to help accommodate us. They even helped book our hotel rooms. Everyone was extremely friendly and they did everything they could to keep us in the air. In total we did 39 out of our 42 planned jumps and only fell short because of a little bad weather at the close of one day. We highly recommend this dropzone to other teams.
  3. We've posted some pics of the camp on our facebook page. You can check them out here:
  4. Exciting news!!!! Canada's two 4 way FS teams, Crimson Fox & Evolution, and the CSPA are hosting a 4-way skills camp, 31 March - 01 April at Skyventure Montreal. Check out for more information and the application instructions! Bring on the fun!
  5. Exciting news!!!! Canada's two 4 way FS teams, Crimson Fox & Evolution, and the CSPA are hosting a 4-way skills camp, 31 March - 01 April at Skyventure Montreal. Check out for more information and the application instructions! Bring on the fun!
  6. GanGirl

    Mia Prebinski

    I just read this post from Vincent Lemay, their coach, on the Nouvel Air Forum. I'll try my best to translate in () and I'm very sorry if the translation is not perfect...Vincent wrote a very beautiful message and I hope I do it some justice but my french is a little rusty. Note the email address near the bottom to send your condolences to her family and friends. Here you go: Bonjour à toutes et à tous, J'imagine que tout le monde est troublé par cette nouvelle et je le suis également. Nous vivons des moments extrêmement difficile ici depuis l'accident. Tout c'est déroulé très rapidement et c'est encore insensé et difficile à croire. (I imagine that the world is troubled by this news and I am as well. We're living through some extremely difficult moments here since the accident. Everything happened very quickly and it's still crazy and difficult to believe). Assurez-vous que Mia a terminée sur une bonne note, elle était très heureuse, débutait son camp d'entraînement en Floride, en vacances. Tout s'annonçait super bien et elle semblait profiter de la vie au maximum, en vivant sa passion, le parachutisme. (Be assured that Mia finished on a good note, she was very happy, starting her training camp in Florida, on holiday. Everything was looking good and she seemed to be living life to the fullest, living her passion, skydiving). Les parents de Mia et son frère ont appris la mauvaise nouvelle cette après-midi quelques minutes après leur arrivé à l'hôpital. Ce sont des gens très sympatiques et ils méritent notre soutien. Pour leur faciliter la tâche, SVP envoyez tous vos mots d'encouragement à l'adresse (Mia's parents and her brother learned the awful news this afternoon just minutes after they arrived at the hospital. They are very kind people and they deserve our support. To help in this task, please send your words of encouragement to Envoyez votre énergie (send your energy/spirit) Merci et SVP passez le lien aux autres forum (Thank-you and please pass this on to other forums).
  7. I would agree, good vibes, instructors and staff. well maintained gear. Great parties. The only South Westren Ontario DZ that has a full time Otter in the summer (182 for the off season or extreamly slow days) Check them out I don't think you'll be dissapointed. We have slow days at Burnaby???? lol. Ok, maybe some weekdays.
  8. Can Canadian military personnel participate?
  9. GanGirl

    Dz near Toronto?

    My home dz is It's in the Kingston/1000 Island area. May 20-22 is a Twin Otter boogie and a Freefly Festival with jumpers from all over Ontario and Quebec coming. We also have Scott Miller from Skydive Deland tentatively booked for June 8-11 for his canopy camp. And sometime in May/June we're having a CRW Camp - dates yet to be confirmed. There are jumpers that drive down from TO (and further away) every we must be doing something right ;-) Have fun!
  10. GanGirl

    Where to stay in Lake Wales?

    I'm heading to Lake Wales for the first time this month. Does anyone have any advice on where to stay? i.e. bunkhouse, team rooms, people who rent space in their house, etc. If so, contact names/email/phone numbers? Thanks!
  11. Heh Mark, I attended the big-way camp in Perris last May and it ROCKS! I know you really want on the CDN way and won't be able to go to the next Perris camp before the CDN way but you may want to look long term budgeting for the following camp even if it will be after the CDN way. It is well worth it.
  12. GanGirl

    Skyventure New Hampshire

    Very very VERY exciting :-)
  13. GanGirl

    Toronto Where, When, How?

    Hi there, There's also Skydive Gananoque just north of Kingston. Beautiful view of the Thousand Islands and Rideau Canal. We're having a big Otter boogie on the Sep long weekend too. If you want to do lots of jumps Gan is the place to go.
  14. GanGirl

    16 Year Old Deathcamper

    Clair, are you planning on taking up skydiving when you turn 18?
  15. GanGirl

    Skyventure New Hampshire

    Does anyone have any updates on the New Hampshire tunnel?