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  1. Seeing as this was a tandem jump you are talking about, I am guessing that it was not something serious. Without seeing the clip, I bet it is something like a stuck slider, especially considering the size of a tandem canopy - but get the clip so we can actually see it. Rhonda PP ASEL
  2. I brought a new Sabre 150 with me to Eloy one year and we had our rigger here inspect it and get it ready for me before we went to Eloy. My husband had bought the canopy used off a guy here in Boston. Well, we made the jump, all was well, until I opened up and realized that I could not reach the toggles for the life of me. I managed to just get one by my fingernail and get it unstowed and one was stuck up still and I could not reach it at all. So I let the other one back up and steered down with my rear risers. I considered chopping the canopy, but could hear my AFF instructor telling me only to chop something I could not land and I was thinking how much it would suck if I cutaway a good canopy and then had a problem with my reserve. We then brought the canopy over to the rigger at Eloy who proceeded to tell us that the risers were for a "gorilla man". Doh! It had never even crossed any of our minds to check the length of the risers! Rhonda PP ASEL
  3. I dislocated mine in a skiing accident in Vermont when I was 17. My Dr. said that once dislocated, there is a good chance it will do it again. However, like the person with the Skyvan injury, it took a major trauma to dislocate it. I'm 32 now and it has never done it again, but it has also never been quite right again either. It is my weak shoulder now and sometimes it hurts, but it hasn't dislocated and I haven't had any trouble with it when skydiving. Hopefully you won't have any long-term trouble with it either. Rhonda PP ASEL
  4. I can so relate to that statement! My life was so topsy turvy and my self esteem was so low when I started jumping. Then, all of a sudden after jumping I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do and my life made a complete 180! Rhonda PP ASEL
  5. I guess I was a closet adrenaline junkie growing up. My Uncle brought me up in a C-172 when I was about 15 and it always stuck with me even though I was scared to death. I tried to take flying lessons when I was around 19 and found out how expensive it was and quit after about 3 lessons. I grew up in a very conservative household where no one would ever have suggested I fly or skydive so skydiving was a foreign word to me still. Fast forward a couple of years to when I met my husband. He comes home one day when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend and says he and some guys from work are going to go to Pepperell to make tandem skydives and asked if I wanted to go. I don't know why, but I immediately said yes. Then I asked my sister and she wanted to go too. My husband said he had always wanted to do it since he saw some skydivers when he was little. I don't know why I wanted to, but I did it. I thought the tandem was ok, but he immediately came down and wanted to sign up for AFF. I watched him jump for almost a year before I made another tandem and then got hooked and started AFF. I did end up getting my pilot's license finally in 2003 after I graduated from college and could finally afford the lessons. Rhonda PP ASEL
  6. A rigger should probably answer this, but it always seemed to happen to me only when I was making jumps under large student F-111 canopies - perhaps it has something to do with a low wing loading. I haven't had it happen at all since jumping a zero-p Sabre. Rhonda PP ASEL
  7. Yahoo! I did the opposite of you - pilot and skydiver first and just got a Ninja that I am totally addicted to! Yup, if you like the bike, you are gonna be totally addicted to skydiving - you should try flying too sometime! I thought it would be boring after skydiving, but it was just as addictive! Rhonda PP ASEL
  8. Rhonda66


    Fandango Rhonda PP ASEL
  9. My sister and I just started a business together so we've just gotten acquainted with the likes of contracts, Lawyers, starting new entities, FID numbers, taxes, advertising, sales - so many things to think about - it's scary, but so exciting at the same time!!! Rhonda PP ASEL
  10. Our rigs are out of date We need to get up to Jumptown... Rhonda PP ASEL
  11. My husband and I had pockets sewed onto the shoulder harnesses of our rigs by our rigger for our hook knives. They're there just in case, but we've never had to use them. Rhonda PP ASEL
  12. I'm a pilot - there are many times when I must land in the plane Never rode the plane down on a jump tho, but I would if necessary... Rhonda PP ASEL
  13. Yeah, I've heard of many incidents where people made something as small as an unstowed breakline a major problem - you did well... Rhonda PP ASEL
  14. Just when you think you've seen it all... Rhonda PP ASEL