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  1. This DZ should be on every experienced Jumpers list as must do! Good honest experienced DZO's Note to self must go visit Fly Free Drop Zone!
  2. The red colors matched perfectly in the different materials. Perfect fit! Quality in materials, sewing and service. Love it! Will recommend this company to everyone, as DZO's we have gotten to work with all the companies, Bev's Suits out shines them hands down! Thanks Bev Suits for a job well done. I look so fast in my new suit!
  3. These Skydivers are just one big happy family... We enjoyed our visit and jump at Skydive New Mexico. Young to older experienced to new, all so friendly! Wonderful conversations and hosts. New Mexico is one of the most beautiful states we've ever seen! The colors are beautiful! Thanks everyone, it made a nice stop for us on our road trip. Blue Skies!
  4. ALEX, Not a bad idea, we will remember that trick when things get boring! Love your sick sense of humor, reminds me of Fletcher, especially the remark he made about him moving in with us,HEE HEE, we moved! Lyn
  5. Hey SuperFletch! Watch that fat ass stuff! Or you can have your old job back! Hey now ,Let's just all share the love!
  6. The "Hillbilly Boogie" is Father's Day weekend! June 16-19. We have lots of fun things planned! Looking forward to seeing you!
  7. Sorry you feel that way about our Dz, We pride ourselfs on our experienced, friendly staff. Most customers say we are the friendliest DZ in the Mid West, No I am no SkyGod, Just love the sport and the people, My wife says yes she's a bitch and proud of it! Please take you bad attitude elsewhere, so the rest of us can continue to have a good time. Question are you ashamed of you name? WE HAVE THE GREATEST STAFF HERE AT FREEFALL EXPRESS SKYDIVING, POSITIVE PEOPLE ALWAYS WELCOME!
  8. We strive to be the friendliest and safest drop zone in Southwest Missouri,we are already the largest with a wonderful staff of 30. We do 90% of the skydiving in this area.