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  1. would like to hear what canopies camera flyers are jumping/prefer, why, what are the most reliable and consistent for opening characteristics, etc.
  2. Looking for recommendations on prime lenses. What are people using with the sony 5000/6000 series cameras.Thanks.
  3. Anyone know of any discussion regarding tandem videographer exit techniques.
  4. I'm would like to know what mirrorless cameras videographers are using these days that have card slots on the back or sides. I would like to upgrade my helmet setup but would also like to be able to access the memory card without having to remove the camera.
  5. beings I'm using this as a backup rig comfort can be compromised a bit, so if I can at the least get the harness lengthened in the areas mentioned at a reasonable price that would suffice, I think your info answered my questions. Very helpful, Thanks a bunch!
  6. I have an older rig that I picked up as a second/turn rig. It fits more snug than my main rig and I would like to know if the harness on a rig can be modified for size. I measured the harness on both rigs and found that the upper main lift webs are approx. 2 1/2" shorter and the horizontal back straps are approx. 2 1/2-3" shorter on the second rig compared to my main rig. Is that something that can be updated or changed by the manufacturer or a rigger?