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  1. As a former student and now A licence holder, that reseearched all the best options for a UK student in europe, I took my AFF at the and have been back since then to complete my consoles and just about to book to go again, I would highly recommend the FF Uni at Lillo. It all depends on whether you just want a holiday that you can skydive on, or if you wanna skydive and fit in some holiday. I highly recommend the FFU for students, Barry "Yoda Master" Maple was the most conscientous, considerate, down to earth, friendly & experienced instructor I have met, & a master rigger too. Seriously dude, if you are at student status go here, the landing zone is as safe as a fussy b'stard like me would want, you dont have to deal with the wind that Empuria has been known to have (Student Yes!) and there is plenty to do off the DZ if you care to take yourself away from all that sky & fly, last time I went to lillo I also learned to snowboard (on real snow) in between the best jumps and the crew there are friendly & fantastic company, everyone is willing to care and share their experience and thoughts, there are a range of options too, it was warmer, the skies were clearer and it was cheaper than the UK including accomodation, couldn't recommend them enough go there now dude and fly, Happy landings
  2. Thanks all for such a response & your best wishes, what a great community!
  3. Hi, just like to introduce myself as a new member / jumper / fanatic. Based South East UK, Just had my 1st Tandam & I'm hooked. Love the site, great info, great bunch. Look forward to chattin & jumping with you in the near future, see my other post 1236359; I could do with some help finding a good DZ for my AFF. Blue Skies and soft landings
  4. Hi. Just done my 1st Tandam & I'm hooked, in fact as soon as I/we jumped, it was as if I had finally found the anaesthetic for the itch that I have been scratching all my life, so much that I have decided to sell my Valkyrie (motorbike) and use the funds to get qualified and join the gang. I want to go on an intensive AFF course but its September & I am in the UK (South East; nearest DZ is Headcorn; nuff said!) so the weather is unpredictable (& the UK AFF costs are very high too!) so have decided to travel abroad for the course. I have looked at the European options and fancy Spain as the weather is top; they speak English and the entire trip incl. travel & accommodation can be had for the same cost as just the AFF course itself in the UK, I have looked at the reviews of DZ's and like the feel of Lillo or Empuriabrava. Can anyone point me in the right direction with personal experience?? I have the money & the time away from work when I need it, preferably in the next three weeks. I would expect to initially spend between 7 & 10 days dedicated to this at first, am I being realistic? I already hear the calling of freestyle and sky surfing, although I am in no rush to get silly and am humble about the fact that it will take considerable learning, time and experience to get to that stage, all the same this is where I am looking regarding long term aims. Thanx in advance for your help, Blue Skies! P.S. I tried to keep it short, honest!