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  1. Stainless steel spur grommet die sets. Is their another place to get them besides Paragear? Blues
  2. I was blessed with the invitation to attend this seminar and jumped on the opportunity to learn from the industry's best. As a Senior Rigger I was the one with the least amount of experience and I believe I learned the most. I not only learned from Jeff but Vic, Ben and Danny. The course was built around our individual needs and pace. Jeff brings with him not only his knowledge but his enthusiasm and love for the art of being a Rigger not just a packer. If you have the equipment and want to learn for one of the best just get a group of 3 to 4 and contact Jeff and schedule something with him. Our group had a blast and we look forward to doing it again sometime next year. BTW: If you do get Jeff to visit your loft get you hammer and Dremel tool ready. Your machines will never run better and be more functional.
  3. started the drinking and damn near went broke last night at a strip club. I think if i go to another strip club I'll blow all my weekend jump money. I really want to make the trip to skydive Dallas this weekend.
  4. I am just north of the air port on Meridian St. looking for something to do tonight any advice?
  5. Well when I picked up the machine I got to look it over and meet the owner. He only had it for 2 weeks (it was given to him by a old lady in his church) Apparently when he committed to taking it off her hands he did not realize it was a big industrial machine with table. He didn't want it because it took up too much room in his house. He didn't know anything about the machine it is actually just a 217 not the 217N. The books that came with the machine are original Bernina books for a 217N. It is missing a few parts for the bobbin winder but I was able to order them from a local Bernina dealer. I am still in the process of tuning it up but it runs fine. If someone could tell me what size and brand of needles I need to use it only came with one and it does not fit the #18 I was using in my wifes Singer. And any other hints or advice for this machine would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Here are some pics. I bought it for 155.00 and I still have to drive 45 min. to go get it. I plan on doing that tomorrow after work.
  7. I Just purchased a sewing machine (Zig Zag) I was told it was a Bernina 217n but after I looked at the pictures again it is a Chandler 217n. Anybody know anything about this machine is it made at the same factory or even by Bernina? I think I made a good deal on it.
  8. Well I guess I should have also stated that I was not the rigger that packed the tempo in the the Infinity. So I retract the statement on it packing smaller than the Tempo 120. And replace it with I can pack it smaller than the previous rigger could pack the Tempo 120. The container was a old Infinity (Northern Lights) not sure of the year I would have to pull my log book. The model was a sprite I think or something like that.
  9. I just replaced a Tempo 120 with a Optimum 143 2 weeks ago for a guy at our dropzone. The Tempo was a tight fit in his Infinity and the Optimum fits perfectly. It definitely has less pack volume than the Tempo 120. It is definitely made out of some very cool material.
  10. I have seen these first hand at Skyfest. They are top of the line as is all of Mirage's products. I tried them on and was amazed on the comfort (like having pillows under your leg straps) I wish I could have jumped with them (didn't jump recovering from ACL surgery). OOh and Ward it the shit. He let our Louisiana crew hang with him under his tent and partied with us when the beer light came on. We are definitely in the works on having a Mirage weekend at our DZ. Ward look forward to seeing you in the future. Corey
  11. I am looking for a FXC test chamber. Let me know if you have one for sale? Nothing in the classifieds. I check their first.
  12. I know Mike Mullens Place in Tennessee does High Atl. jumps from 29 thousand. I think they do them once a month or so they have a website for it but I don't have it offhand. Hope this helps to get you in the right direction
  13. I am about to order a new camera helmet and decided to go with a Rawa. Went to their web site and noticed they have a new design. Has anybody seen it and if so what do you think?