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  1. Thijs

    The FAI grid and wingsuit formations..

    We tried not to stair step it (Euro 42), so keeping everything in on level, but it is quite hard to keep the people in the back really on level. For spacing you can probably just look at the pictures of the record. Setting it up a bit more wide gives you more room to play with the grid.
  2. Thijs

    experience with new funk 2 by squirrel

    What is your reason to get a bigger wingsuit? At 90 jumps there is probably still a lot you can learn in a smaller suit.
  3. Thijs

    2014 Performance Cup/World Series

    Is there a full results table somewhere?
  4. Does your suit have backfly inlets? Can you post video or stills?
  5. Thijs

    Frankfurt Messeturm Flyby video

    This should be Thijs
  6. Hmm, Jarno, your prices don't seem to be accurate. For members 1 jumpticket is €17.5 For 11 jumps it is €175 For 100 jumps it is €1490 if I'm not mistaken. Nonmember is indeed €20/jump
  7. Have read it, and always have it with me in my car. (Vigil owner) Same thing for my neptune.
  8. Thijs

    Geraldo Rivera tonight on Fox

    Can some-one record this and put it on skydivingmovies for us non us dudes? Thanks
  9. Thijs

    BASE jump in central london..

    Article here: Is it possible to watch the ITV news on their website. I looked for it there but can't find it...
  10. Thijs

    BD DVD Cover

    Think so, looking at the landing zone and that the jumper holds the PC in her left hand.
  11. Thijs

    NYC Hotel Jump

    Re-re-re-re-repost? or is it a re-re-re-re-re-repost? Lock it up!
  12. Thijs

    Sad announcement - Manship

    Fly free bro
  13. Thijs

    Why bother packing?

  14. Thijs


    Basejumpers do use the same terms. They do talk about toggles and risers just like in skydive. Only deathcampers use yonkels and seatbelts
  15. Thijs

    Strange packjob

    I do