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  1. I put Ritilin in my Ford Fusion. Now it's a Ford Focus!
  2. I had a friend who couldn't figure out why everyone called him a racist. Before Trump he was just your funny racist friend. He said, "how can I be a racist? The guy I buy my coffee from is from India, the guy who pumps my gas is an Arab and the girl who takes my money at the car wash is black and I think she's cute." That is Trump logic and the same thing his base thinks. Then agrees with send them back, Mexicans are all drug dealers etc.
  3. Walk into work, pick out someone you don't like, scream at them to go back to whatever shit hole they came from. Will you be fired? Do you think this is acceptable behavior? Yet OIP is allowed to say it? Now try saying, go back to where ever you came from, to someone who is walking into a Mosque or Synagogue. You will be arrested and charged with a hate crime. And you don't think Trump is a racist!!
  4. The Great Lakes are Great!!! They have Great Deepness!! Crowd goes wild, even though they are from Michigan they never new the Great Lakes were great or deep! Puerto Rico is an Island, surrounded by water, big ocean water. Crowd goes nuts! They thought Puerto Rico was a part of Mexico! Never to late to learn from a stable genius!
  5. But it's the greatest blimp, the biggest Blimp ever, everyone loves the Blimp, I was looking at the Blimp when I bombed Canada, Mr. President that wasn't Canada, Well it was one of those shit hole countries>>>>>>>
  6. Full length tear of the labrum and detatched tendon. Had surgery and back in the sky 4 months later. Recovery and PT are a bitch but now 100%. Quote
  7. Guy walks into a bank with an AK-47, says I hope this gun doesn't scare you into giving me all of your money. Takes every ones money and leaves. His defense is I said I hope! Quote
  8. some will die in hot pursuit in fiery auto crashes,some will die in hot pursuit while sifting through my ashes, some will fall in love with life and drink it like a fountain that is falling like an avalanch comming down the mountain, PQuoteepper by Butthole surfers