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  1. dbrutherford

    Build your own DZ

    Is 700' enough? If you are going to build one, I say build one as tall as you can get! You can always have platforms every 50 feet. I always dream of building a BASE Jumping park. You could have all 4 objects. I like the idea of having clifts with "soft walls" and hooks where if you have an off heading and wall strike, you won't get slammed and the hooks will catch you. Heck a bunch of people on the list went in from wall strikes. Just my $0.02 DBR "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  2. dbrutherford

    Cliff Jumping Banned at 7 Lakes in WV

    Here is a video clip from a friend of mine from one of the Jet Ski forums I frequent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc9ZkoFqgiA Pete is a bad ass on his X2 Jet Ski and apparently on the kite tube as well. I know I want to try one, who else does? lol I guess the fun police are out in full force. Pretty soon you won't be able to blow bubbles while chewing gum. "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  3. dbrutherford

    #110 (((

    That is some cold water. I had a Human Factors Engineering course in college and I remember the professor saying the same thing. At that temperature, your heat is wicked out of you body too fast for you to replace it. I believe at temps a little higher than this, you are better off not to swim but to just float until help gets to you. I wish condolences to family and friends. "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  4. dbrutherford

    A New Bridge?

    That is a pretty sweet bridge indeed. I wonder how tall it is and how tall from the top of the supports. 200 way, nah I saw 300! Out there on the ends we could have TARDS jumping. "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  5. dbrutherford

    info on this video

    There was an episode on the discovery channel show "Impact Stories" about him. He jacked his knew/leg real bad but he was on there talking about it. DBR
  6. dbrutherford

    Jimmy Pouchert on Stunt Junkies

    I am waiting to see Marta's moving truck jump. It will be on an upcoming episode according to their website. DBR
  7. dbrutherford

    Magot Rollover Mishap !

    http://people.howstuffworks.com/ninja.htm I couldn't resist.
  8. dbrutherford

    Miles D in the Astrodome

    I was watching Super Cross the other day and it showed another jump. They were racing in Atlanta so I am assuming it was inside the Georgia Dome. Does Miles have a running gig to BASE Jump at all the Super Cross races? During the race of the Houston jump, it barely showed a parachute land. Then there was a breif shot from his helmet cam. I knew it was this jump since I read it here first and saw the You Tube videos. DBR
  9. dbrutherford

    Magot Rollover Mishap !

    Where was his miget sherpas? He need them to carry him out! Glad he is ok and back in ninja action. DBR
  10. dbrutherford


    I always thought it would be cool to have a BASE Jumping park. You could have all 4 objects there. Each one would have extra safety precautions like soft walls on the clift and building. So if you have an off heading and fly into it, it wouldn't bang you up so bad. Also there could be something imbedded onto them so that it would snare your parachute incase it collapsed on you from an object strike. It would snag your ass from the reaper's grasp.... "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  11. dbrutherford

    Miles D in the Astrodome

    If you look in their profile, there is a practice jump of it in there. DBR "... and I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it...."
  12. dbrutherford

    Jimmy Pouchert on Stunt Junkies

    Yeah I didn't think that "S" was legal either. It sure was in the daytime so they must have gotten a permit like the XXX movie.... So how busted up did the camera guy get? On the show they said two broken legs and a lacerated face. What exactly did he do wrong? It looked like a low turn to me and that LZ is pretty tight ing the gorge. DBR
  13. dbrutherford

    BASE catapult

    Yeah you are right. To find the min or max of any mathematical function, you must take the first derrivative of the mathematical formula and then set that first derrivative equal to zero. Then solve for the varible you took the derrivative of. d-gold, I was just giving the deffinition of Newton's second law and how "g's" were determined. I didn't go into the mathematical formula of acceleration. What you are talking about is whether that formula is either linear or nonlinear. The basic deffinition of acceleration is the change in velocity devide by time. Remember the deffinition of velocity is the change in position divided by time. Here is a good website: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/hframe.html
  14. dbrutherford

    BASE catapult

    Newton's secnd law is F = m * a. That is the sum of forces equals mass times acceleration. So if you were to calculate your weight, you would use your mass times gravity. Every single day, every one of us experiences one g, the force of gravity. So when you experience say two times the force of gravity, you are experiencing 2 g's. It is a way of expressing acceleration in terms of gravity. In teh formula above, just plus in (n*gravity). The "n" represents the number of g's. Gravity is equal to 9.806 m/s^2 or 32.174 ft/s^2. Acceleration is also defined as the change in velocity divided by time. So say you were at a stand still like the catapult guy and then reached a speed of 100 ft/s in 10 seconds, you acceleration would be 10 ft/s^2.
  15. dbrutherford

    BASE catapult

    I can do the calculations when I get a free moment. I am in my last semester of collge to working on my Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Bernt is 100% right about motorcycle helmets. I had to do a project on them lats semester. But as he posted, the impact time is only 7.75 ms. That is 0.00775 seconds! Our teacher told us that head trama occurs the most in the first 200 ms or 0.200 seconds. In another note, he is laying down teh propper way. You would not be able to sit upright as in a chair and do this. The spine cannot take the loading along its axis. This is why the astronauts lay back when being launched into space. Does anyone know how many g's the space shuttle pulls? It would be up there! DAVE