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  1. dbrutherford

    730 jumps in 2006

    Congrats are in order then! Way to go Milea! DAVE
  2. dbrutherford

    730 jumps in 2006

    Here is the original thread: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_view_flat;post=2012879;page=1;mh=-1;;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC It is locked but I am curious how many he hs year to date. 2006 is almost over..... Someone PM Miles this thread, I forget his username.
  3. dbrutherford

    Facebook BASE jumpers

    It's ok... I have grown bored of it. I usually just look at my friends pics and poke random hot girls on there. In the means of hoping to "poke" one of those hot girls in real life. DBR
  4. dbrutherford

    pilots license, not really base related. sorry!

    I got a ticket once for riding my Jet Ski in a no wake zone... I thought it was ridiculus since I was going as slow as possible. However you guys with the BUI's have me beat by a mile. Damn cops I guess they really did get picked on too much in high school.... About 99% of boaters out on the water on a hot summer day have booze on board! I was DDing once at a birthday party that my friend's mom threw her. She had rented out a banquet hall. Well I mixed up the swamp water so I had drank a shot or two in getting the mixture right. The cops rolled up and busted us since we were all in high school at teh time. They nailed my GF at the time for an underage consupmtion. They gave me a breathilizer and I blew a 0.001. I said see, I told you I wasn't drinking! Next time you should open your ears. I was driving away from the party at the time and they were hoping to give me a DUI the one cop said to the other. I over heard them stratergizing on what they were going to do to us. All and all they only busted 3-4 kids that night and there was probably 50 of us there at the party. My GF was 18 so she only got an underage consumption and no probabation, only a fine Serves them right! Damn PIGS! DBR
  5. dbrutherford

    Surf This . . .

    I remember reading about some BASE Jumps from a moving train. It still looks pretty cool on those videos though. DBR
  6. dbrutherford

    KL stories?

    See BASE isn't that dangerous.... just kidding... Glad almost everyone is ok. Can't wait to see all of you guys huck it from my homestate's best "S". See you guys at BD. DBR
  7. dbrutherford

    KL stories?

    Yeah and post up some videos too!
  8. dbrutherford

    Terminal velocity

    You are right it is because it has a higher mass but then that acceleration is offset by the drag forces from friction. Which goes back to your coeficient of friction. I will draw a crude free body diagram tomorrow and show the Newton equation. We had to do a bunch of crap like that in the Calculus based Physics cousrse I took. I barely got an A but I had an easier Pyhsics prior to that one which helped me out in a bunch in getting the A.
  9. dbrutherford

    Terminal velocity

    The formula is this: Sum of Forces = Mass * Acceleration Now the only forces acting on the body in freefall is the friction forces from the air flying over you body. The coeeficient of friction can vary based on your clothes, the density of the air, and your body positioning. You mass is you mass and the acceleration is 9.81 meters per second squared. All that really does is get you in the ball park. Also realize i have only had college pyisics required for my Engineering degree. I am not a BASE jumper and I don't have any jumpsother than some AFF skydives. The reason the shot put hits the ground first is because it has a different coeeficient of friction compared to a tennis ball.
  10. dbrutherford

    Bob Burnquist jumps the grand canyon

    I have been waiting forever to see video of this. When/where will it be available? I figure Bob will have a video of him out which his will be featured on. Still yet... mad props to Bob.... he is one of the best skateboarders of all time...
  11. dbrutherford

    Skydive Pennsylvania

    Jeff, Nikky, Cush, Mike, Susa, Cindy, Ed, Dan and everyone else are very nice and friendly. I am sure I missed a few names but it happens. I have made 3 jumps so far at Sky Dive PA and I am making several more this weekend. I did two tandems and then started the AFF program. My best advice when doing AFF is to go get your training and come back later on. It was raining the day I received training. I feel like I got a better, more personal training. Also there wasn't the uncertainty of when I was going to jump. Also I was more apt to learning since there weren't as many people running in and out of the building as when it is a normal jump day. I came back the next week and did my first AFF level 2. I can't wait until I am through with the program and I get my USPA A license. Another fun factor or tid bit of info is that the P.Porter they use is the identical pink plane from the movie Drop Zone! To everyone at Sky Dive PA, thanks!