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  1. As a grad student(diff program) and a stutter and I know a lot of people in that program and it doesnt seem that hard but our Speech Path program is actually in the education school so is probably a little easier. Good Luck.
  2. Actually, the Bush family arn't human. They were built by Haliburton and Dick Chenney writes their programming....with software he stole from Al Gore.
  3. Yeh, I knew it'd be a problem if I ever got bored enough at work to join in on one of these arguments. I'll try to go back to my Excel spreadsheets now.
  4. Assume because you cant read an article I must be a republican that supports Bush and his brown shirts (i.e. homeland security). Your about as wrong about that as you are in thinking Ft. Lauderdale FL as any symblance of the South or Southern Dems. I just dont go mis-represeninng things and taking them out of context to suit my need to bash the political groups I dont aline with. I think if you look they'll do enough on their own. Further, take a trip there sometime or even live there and you'll see its a very real problem. If they were called sexrooms or publicgathering rooms you might have an argument. However, they are called bathrooms with the purpose of pissing and washing. The public sex takes away from there public purpose therefore it creates a problem. But feel free to go ahead and use public problem/nuisance to futrher your agenda.
  5. You do realize he's a democrat dont you. And the whole only 4 incidents isnt a very good defense. Example: I know of not one arrest in my 7 years in Athens GA for people doing coke in bathrooms of bars but I would be surprised if I didnt see it atleast once a night that I go out. Not that I care what happens either way but just noticed your attack on republicans and though it comical, and your 4 incidents rebuke a strawman at best.
  6. SSSHHHHHH. we wouldnt want to ruin the decade long scare tactics campaign. (this from a nonsmoker...just someone who hates scare tactics and smoke)
  7. Hans, that sounds like the best bet. Me and Alex are trying to work a time out soon that we can drive out there together. An Andy, theres no need to call my resolve to skydive or my literacy skills into question....I dont remember making public my disdain and lack of desire to perform said skills.....I'm sure clickys to your past posts would be out of line here. Hopefully I see you in the sky in the next couple of weeks. Cory
  8. Yes old man I still have a hasn't been that long....I can still fly circles around you and last I'm not afraid of night jumps.
  9. I'm in Athens and will be in Buckhead t this weekend. Is there anyone that can ferry my rig to shooting star either from ATL or ATH. Thanks Guys, Cory
  10. An easier way to look at things is has 326 dropzone listed in north america and something like 591 in the rest of the world. This is an extremely rough way to look at things but might help put things a little more in perspective.
  11. Actually, read something called a DEFERMENT PROVISION it does account for RISK, as you put it-- and all of your "what ifs" are covered in it. Thats why government student loans are such a great tool to utilize. The only thing wrong with your statement is you dont know what your talking about. All I was trying to do was give insite to something I knew a little about. A small loan with a great rate not a $126,000 loan for med school. I was not trying to start a debate about the merits of debt. To the original poster i'm glad you made your decision. You cant go wrong with saving (although you could pay off the loans EASILY with the money you spend on rental gear) To the others I guess we will agree to disagree. "Never use your own money when you can use someone elses" Donald Trump
  12. Students loans are incredible things with incredible rates. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with debt if you know how to manage it. However, many people know yourself better than me. I'm pretty sure everyone on my collegiate team used student loans to finance their rigs including me. Plus, debt management is critical to success in its good to start in college despite what some may say. Again though, all of us had advance knowledge finance and accounting.
  13. krouton01

    Driving Drunk

    Actually not to nit-pick but your way off here. The state only gets 5% with-held. That why it was dubbed persuasion instead of coersion by the suprme court. Check out the case S Dakota V. Dole (Elizabeth)
  14. This happend to me a couple years back, but luckly the seat belt wasnt long enough to allow me to get to the door. Its actually a pretty easy mistake when you have a lot on your mind. This was recurrecny jump after 7 month layoff and I was kinda jittery. . Glad everything worked out well though.
  15. I wouldnt worry too much about...dont post on your website but theres no problem with it being an understood rule....good God its college. In my college club I did have to sensor one post I made that talked about getting drunk after a meeting(just to be on the safe side) but just have it understood. The always ubiquitous term beverage works fine. Other than using common sense the Univ. has hundreds of clubs and despite what some may think they do have other stuff to do besideds surf the web. So have fun and dont kill the tradition.