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  1. I started skydiving seven years ago but only two years back I really was infected with the virus. Since then I visited about 8 different dropzones in Europe. For work I had to visit Tokyo, and this is my third visit. Previous times were to busy to think of jumping. I did sent a mail but didn't get any reply. This time I have some more time and I called with some help from the hotel lobby. After contacting the right person, it only took a week for the permit to be arranged and I visited the dropzone the next weekend. As a dutch person taking a bus was somewhat difficult but for less then 20euro's I was able to take a taxi. Leaving from Okegawa station taking a bus is easy. After crossing the bridge over the river just take the first stop. Then it is a 20 minutes walk to the DZ (they also have a clubhouse which is closer to the bus stop, if you can be there at 7:45 probably someone can take you to the DZ which is about 1km away). When I stepped out of the taxi a loud welcome was shouted. This proved to be an oasis for english speaking people in Japan. I am used to 80% only speaking Japanese, here it is 80% speaking english. I was not only welcomed in words, also the people were really friendly and helpfull. I didn't bring all of my gear with me (I was not sure how much I could take with me) so I rented gear locally (about 17 euro/jump). A few Sabre 170's were avaible, almost I could jump a Sabre 2 but the repack was 4 days overdue :(. My skydiving level is not such that I can play around with the realy experienced people, it is just above a graduated AFF student. But this proved to be no problem. The first day I made two solo jumps, just enjoying the views. But I felt so much at home that I came back the second day. This time arranging a 3-way with a very experienced and another less-experienced skydiver was done in an eyeblink. This was one of the most fun jumps I have ever made! To bad that there were so many people and tandems wanting to jump that at 13:00 the manifest was full for the rest of the day. But I already was asked to join the BBQ later that day so I stayed to enjoy the atmosphere. Together with some other jumpers that were also 'grounded' I went for some icescream at a pet-farm nearby. After the BBQ I still didn't wan't to leave, but I could get a lift back to the station so I had to go. Next time I will take a sleeping bag with me so I can stay at the bunkhouse! I planned to go back the next weekend, however weather wasn't that great due to a typhoon (the one day it was good I couldn't visit). Hopefully next friday I have some time again... And if I ever visit Tokyo again, I will for sure drop by if I can make the time! I put some pictures with comments on the web: