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  1. I'm out of currency and I'm headed to Vegas in a couple weeks and would like someone to help me get to know the DZ or DZ's our there. I'm gonna need a rig to jump too. I'd like to find a semi-elliptical 150-170. I really like the Crossfire and Katana. I will get my USPA renewed and I also have my Coach, T.I., AFF, and PRO but they're all expired. I'd like to make a couple jumps and meet some cool people while I'm in town during the week of Jul 22-26.
  2. Is it too late to get on load 2? I may have several jumpers.
  3. So if Line dirtyness is crude, what is the proper way to measure line condition. Im thinking that the lines on my canopy are in ok shape just dirty from being packed outside and whatnot. just thought i would like to try and clean them. like cleaning anything else that gets dirty.
  4. I've been doing some research on the physical properties of spectra lines and there seems to be no evidence showing that cleaning them with bleach would cause damage. One report I read reported that some mfgr's soak lines in nitric acid for a long period of time and had only a 0.2% loss in tensile strength. This also stands true for vectran lines as far as i know. I would just like to get some feedback from any in-the-know out there and perhaps someone who has tried doing it.