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  1. it would seem that people are more likely to carry a knife when they jump with a camera. I did not own one until I bought my first camera.
  2. I have tried to jump at Santa Barbara however they seem to be more of a tandem operation. In 6mo of doing construction near the airport during the week, I was unable to get on a load
  3. I had my canopy checked by my rigger and he said it was about 1 inch short on all lines, and that they were less than 1/8 difference between sets. How does this cause an occasional hard opening? why is it not consistant?
  4. Both my teammate and I have been slammed by the Sabre2. He had about 3 hard openings between 400 and 450 jumps on his canopy. He packed the same for the previous 600 jumps, however the canopy started acting up at 400 jumps. I have a sabre2 170 with just over 400 jumps on it. Last month I got slammed while jumping with my camera(250 camera jumps). I could not move my neck for one week, and could not jump for 4. I have not jumped with the camera due to neck problems. To avoid opening issues until my icarus arrives, I now roll the nose. Better to snivel than slam!!! Be careful as I have heard similar storries about sabre2's
  5. I have 350 jumps on my Oddessy, and have been wishing for a Mirage since purchasing one for my wife. My brother's Oddessy's main flap will not stay closed in a sit, and mine occasionally pops open during high speed transitions to a stand. I also notice the risers tend to want to slide out as they have nothing but pressure to keep them in the bottom of the container. There are also problems with the lines showing at the corners of the closed container. I have noticed other container manufacturers have addressed these problems and have safer designs for free flying. On the plus side it is the most comfortable rig I have owned and would be great for RW.