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  1. Umm...does that come with special sauce? What was I thinking asking such a question to a bunch of skydivers?! Can't wait to see what other answers people come up with. The artist formerly known as rodeochic
  2. I don't wanna cheat to get off newbie status, so I'm just making a (somewhat) pointless post. My question of the day will be: What should I have for lunch today? I had Chinese food yesterday so I don't want that again. Any suggestions? The artist formerly known as rodeochic
  3. I like the sounds of that. Nothing like a little sunshine to start the day! Unfortunatley it's raining here too, but the weekend forecast looks beautiful!! The artist formerly known as rodeochic
  4. Don't worry baby. I still love the reverse rodeo dives. Now when are we gonna get to see more of you instead of that foot? Not that it's a bad foot but I'm sure you have other parts worth looking at. The artist formerly known as rodeochic
  5. I don't really like the username rodeochic anymore so I've changed it to sunshine. It's much more fitting for me. Now I have to start all over again to get off newbie status. Look for a lot of pointless posts to get my numbers up!! BTW, it's good to be back.
  6. "No sneaking out to the dz for me. I'm tired, sore, and poor. (I think I broke the meter... )" I think you broke ME while you were breaking the meter!!