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  1. Here are some of my bad experiences: 1 My father and I did our AFF there. When my fathers 2 instructors made it to the ground and walked passed me they were making fun of my dads performance. 2 The owners son on guiding me in on my graduation jump through 2 way radio turned me with the wind and landed me in a corn field. I fell and had stand up landings till then. I did what he said against my better judgement because I trusted him. After I landed I noticed he was standing with his clique and called me a corn on the cob over the radio. 3 I showed up one day just in time to see a reserve ride down on the owners gear The owner was so mad that when the guy got to the ground he said for the student to wait to flair and he never did tell him to. The student blasted his head on the ground pretty good. I noticed that he didnt even see if he was alright or ask how he was. Goods: They really do have a nice facility. The aircraft are cool.many of there instructors are very nice and helpfull. I enjoyed camping there. I had some good times there and unfortunately some bad ones as well. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this place a 3 but has the potential to be a 10
  2. I have been working hard with my coaches and have learned a lot. I think I could really benefit from the aid of a learning tool like a video etc. Skydick is another s/n I used for a couple of jokes it auto logged me in under that name . sorry for any confusion.
  3. instruction (sorry) I need aomething a little more novice Aggie. I just barely have my A license.
  4. I am thinking of going to Rantoul, Illinois. This would be my first boogie. It sounds like a great time, honestly though so many experienced skydivers in the air at the same time is kind of intimidating and a little scary. Overall I know I will have fun, Ill just stick to what I have learned. I really want to jump out of a helicopter!! Have you ever jumped out of one before?
  5. I am new to skydiving. This will be my second season. I have learned a lot over the winter through reading books and magazines. My goal one day is to be an AFF and Tandem instructor. Right now I am just trying to develop good safety habits and good freefall skills so that one day someone will notice and invite me onto some cool loads. I have a lot to learn and am eager to do so as long as safety is number 1.
  6. Didnt think to check since its been discontinued. Good info on there. Why was it discontinued?
  7. Can i have some feedback on the Diablo from some experienced divers.
  8. I will get my B license and would love to get my C-license. I hope I can get it
  9. Yes there was. Uh... I honestly dont know what that was all about. I changed it. Total newbie.
  10. I am going to buy a new container, aad, reserve, jumpsuit, havok helmet, altimiter, 1 pro track and 1 dytter. I wanted to get the best price I could by buying all together. 2 dealers said they would give me a nice discount if I bought with them. Any info would be helpful.