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  1. Jumped at empuria before and that was my first thought but its nearly 30 euros a jump which is getting on for $38 a jump. I could stay in the uk and do a lot more jumps on the money i was saving but we just dont get the weather
  2. Got a couple of months off work and some money and was thinking of making the most of it and staying on a dz for a couple of months and jumping as much as i can. But where? Cheap dz that jumps all week round that has somewhere cheap for me to stay. Any thoughts?
  3. Sorry posred the same pic twice there? Rob
  4. I think you might be using a different software to me? It is in share. have a look at the pictures. I think most of the problems i'm having are thats it's just a different way of doing it from what i'm use to
  5. Sorry yes it does. like you said when you click export it gives the option of resizing it there. It then saves it to a folder and you have to reopen the file again. It's under the share tab not the file tab. I know it's no excuse for not reading the manual but it's not in the most intuitive of places is it?
  6. unless I have missed it when I resize a picture it crops the pic rather than resizing it to fit? it gives you choices like 3x2 rather than 640x480? there is a box for custom size but when I ok it it crops the pic rather than resizing it? Rob
  7. I have used the iphoto but it is very basic it wont let me resize the pics and crop the bits i want. I used photoshop on a windows computer and found it tricky to use but i'll look for the Final Cut Express cheers Rob
  8. This is the reason i bought the bonehead optic illusion and a bonehead d-box. and it was cheaper
  9. Just bought a mac for editing videos but i need a still picture editing software. what would people recommend? I was using microsoft picture manager on my windows computer. Cheers Rob
  10. Sorry for posting this here. i have put it in the classified section too. I have no use for this it's a second camera setup and have stuck it on ebay with a £1 start and no reserve. I'm in the uk but i'm happy to ship anywhere. The camera is ntsc Someone might be interested in it as a cheap second setup that might not really be looking in the classified. Again sorry for posting this here
  11. Thats the same person i got mine off. I was thinking of making a couple of little blocks from alloy. That way it couldnt happen again. I have contacted him to see what he says Rob
  12. I bought a Stroboframe 300QRC to mount a stills camera. I've clipped it together about 5 times and one of the little red corners has broken. Does anyone know if they can be bought separately? Has anyone used one without the corners? The little screws will stop it sliding out. Rob
  13. It seemed like a good idea at the time? (I managed to set myself and the motorcycle I was sat on, on fire with this one??) I’m always in the shit the only thing that changes is the depth I never made the first team I only made the first team laugh (Billy Bragg) Roberto The Stupid
  14. I'm looking for a quick release for a stills camera What do people recommend? What is the Bonehead one like? cheers for any help