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  1. Dude Thanks......I reached out to Spaceland but no hit. I dont sew well so I'm inclined to buy one. I welcome any other suggestions. Cheers.
  2. Fellow Jumpers, I have made about 10 Freefly Tube jumps and now would like to own a tube of my own. However, the damm things are hard to find and it has never occurred to me to inquire about the manufacturing. Can anyone direct me in the direction of a Freefly Tube manufacturer? Thank you....Blue Ones!!!!
  3. Wow--Derek, why don't you just find this guy and shoot him for asking a question. Everyone at my DZ has been aprrehensive about one thing or the other at some point and have been able to work through it without bailing from the sport. I bet you had a shit load of questions at some point too. Anyway, DeLand is a great place, so you're excused.
  4. newbie??? BE CAREFUL!!! I don't care what anyone else tells you.. Skydiving is dangerous...BE CAREFUL ..XX _______________________________________________ I've heard time and time again....An accident is a series of bad decisions. Sure there's risk.....but there's risk in skiing, surfing and even driving. Blue Skies---whoever you are!! Are you a jumper?
  5. Dude,thanks for your reply. What's the material of the cable going thru the loop. The yellow cable.
  6. This is great but your response spurs another questions. What are not NORMAL operating conditions. Are you referring to accumulated dirt on the system? How do you maintain the loop? How often should you change it?
  7. Hi Gang, I'm not a rigger but thought this would be the place to ask the question. How many pounds of pressure are on the loop preventing the 3 rings from releasing? Can anyone elaborate? Thanks
  8. Hey thanks for pointing me in that direction. While I'm certainly planning to stick with the 190 for now, I figured I explore other options before I buy it. I have several months before I commit to a particular canopy and I'm certainly gonna buy the one that feels the safest. Grouper was very helpful this past weekend with explaining the differences between the canopies and I'm sure I'll be able to speak with many others. For now, I'll keep playing with the 190 and talking to others about other options. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hi Gang, I've got a little over sixty jumps and I'm almost ready to buy my first rig. My first canopy choice is the Sabre2 170 but I'm eyeballing the Safire2 169. I've never jumped a Safire. Can someone whose jumped both respond with the differences between these two canopies. My impression of the Safire is that it's of higher performance and I wonder if it may be too advanced for my experience level.
  10. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the link. I definitely try these. I think I'll do alot of hop and pops this weekend to focus on canopy skills.
  11. Hi DiabloPilot, Thanks for the advice. I know that nothing will be a better judge than time, practice and personal comfort level with a particular canopy size. However, is there a general consesus of an approximate number of jumps on a particular canopy before thinking of downsizing? Do you think it's resonable to give myself 100 junps on the 190 before moving on to the 170? My current WL is 1.1:1.
  12. What's up gang, I've got little over 60 jumps and I'm planning on buying gear. I jump the Sabre2 190 safely but what I really want is the 170 which I haven't yet jumped. I'm concerned that I'll outgrow the 190 within a season then kick myself in the ass for not waiting. Seeking advice....