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  1. I plan on putting it up on the website The Muff Brothers (as long as it doesnt break any kind of rules)
  2. My initial instruction was in another state, the instructors at zhills (where I have jumped the most) are more than capable, as well as highly skilled. And Im sure the "instructor(s)" at the other dz are competent in a regualr situation. But im not getting back on this...
  3. I have four youngn's and they are all very much skydiving "acclamated" I can entertain the youngest (age 3) for hours with skydiving videos. The thought of hanging it has never really crossed my mind. Being a mom and doing mom things defintily comes first (this is reflected in my low jump #'s) but it can be done. My two oldest run free at the dz when we go and they know all the rules, (ages 10 & 7) they have never gotten into trouble and I often see alot of other jumpers chit chatting with them and having fun with them (ball, frisbee, etc..) They also have friends that are also "dz brats" It might be a little hard with an infant, ours never went out until around age 1 and then they were confined to a playpen while we took turns jumping. But if you want you can make it work... and congrats on the baby, when are you due?
  4. Okay so at one time I was so fired up skydiving ( I still am but...) I was REALLY STUPID back in June and hurt myself. I am really eager to jump again, but I just cant make myself make time for the DZ. I have my B license (I just have to send in my card to make it official) I am kinda thinking about sitting thru another FJC at least the canopy piloting part but I am terrified of being laughed at. I want to be in this great sport for a long time, but I want to be as safe as possible. I have totally healed from my injury, I am running, jumping and what not... so the time is right, Im not afraid of the acutally jump, just the landing, even with my 70 jumps I am a canopy skills "dumber than dog shit" candidate... I will have 10 or so spot on landings then I will have a bout again with eating the earth....I was signed up for Scott Millers course but didnt go b/c of the Florida rain and then I hurt myself, then I had to sell my rig...so its been a downhill thing from there... Please help....Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  5. My preference in cats is theJapanese Bobtail Ive had two, and they are so "not cat-like" in behavior. They are very outgoing, and my two "talked" to me. (My mom has my oldest one and she swears she can understand him ) But they are really cool cats, with a ton of personality and they are also way cool in appearance.
  6. justaflygirl

    muff 65.5

    "laptop" is so cute.... there are other pics of him on the website... The Muff Brothers
  7. that was hillarious... the lady that cleans our office at night has tourettes, before we knew that she blurted "kill the B***H... we all ran from the office, but then felt like complete fools after we knew...
  8. WOW! You gave me cold chills, that was so touching! You seem like a very real and blessed person!
  9. Some people...Im sorry you had to encounter such a grump... poo on him....
  10. I can see that, and for safety reasons it is neccassary, but the way I read the article on MSN, is that some of the cages were barely 40" X40" so there is no way a child of 14, as the oldest was, could stretch out properly if the "cages" were only intended for sleeping purposes. My two youngest sons, spent a good bit of time in the hospital as babies for lung/breathing disorders and the cribs at my local hospital on the pedi unit are fully enclosed metal cribs. However, these large cribs are big enough to accomodate a large child (i even could nearly stretch out laying next to my son with one of the sides down). I think there may have been some good intent, but it wasnt done properly and thats why the kids were removed.
  11. I had a hard time swallowing this... 11 kids
  12. I really dont understand some people, I cant even comprehend having such thoughts that would drive me to do something like that....
  13. I am using RoutHost for my latest website, for under $50.00 a year I got unlimited email addresses, a ton of space and the support seems to be good. I have (and currently) use Globat as well, they are not as cheap, but I have had three websites with them over the past few years and I dont have any major complaints.
  14. 4 years ago today, America was changed forever... I still remember what I was wearing and what I was doing. We had an amazing service today at my church, I dont think there was a dry eye anywhere. I would like to personally thank all of the troops that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom! God Bless You All!!!!! September 11 news