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  1. great news Neil......looks like you dont have to come to Europe anymore and ask us for Tranportation, accomodation, new objects, beer, food..........
  2. geezangen

    bird issue...

    just shoot them !!!!!
  3. pics (rest is German)
  4. geezangen

    ITW Fatality

    Eddie, you never got this pic....well here it is.....i was hoping to do many more with you...... Fly free gee
  5. i got mine from my helmetcamera but O. spreads his pics all around the world
  6. if you are fed up with the walls in LB (if that could ever happen) you can drive to Interlaken and just get one of the Tandempilots (thats what we did)......the one we picked loved it and its easy money for him.........but then again you could be at the valley...... edit for site name ~TA
  7. thats the best time of the year in germany....everyone will be watching soccer, and the police will be busy with the fans or watching as i am not a soccer fan at all, but i cant wait for the wm to start
  8. geezangen


    Hey Tom..... thanks, thats the word i was looking for and its definitely the thing i am scared off.....but looks like a lot of guys have jumped them and i havent heard of any major i guess its just another object to add to my local spots
  9. geezangen


    Thanks guys looks like i am off to have some fun now.....thanks for the quick replies
  10. geezangen


    i am not worried about the tower itself....its the cable that you fall past ...and on the ones i found you have to jump off above the cable and pass it on the way down
  11. geezangen


    Thanks Tom......i just heard that you should stay away as far from the cables as the isolators (the things that keep the cable away from the tower) and on the ones i have found that will be quite hard......someone said something ybout a flash if you are to close (i am not sure of the correct english word) well ill let you know how it was (if i get the chance [:P) so is there a chance, that you get hit by a flash, when you pass the cable on the freefall without touching anything??
  12. geezangen


    Does anyone have any experience with powerlines or is aware of the dangers involvolved in jumping them..... i have jumped one and felt a tickling sensation, some of my friends told me they saw blue flames on their feet..... i just found two more powerlines and really want to jump them, but as i said have no idea about the dangers thanks gee