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  1. i haven't got a cx150 i have a cx110, but the mounts holes i believe are the same. Im using an opteka .3 fisheye without a box mounting with a zkulls. Id like to get a cookie box, but the cost is a tad on the high side in my opinion for a box, Works out at over £200 ($300) for their box with shipping (ouch) thats nearly two thirds what i paid for the camera!!! Ive also looked at the tonfly option but they havent released a box specific to the cx110/150 as yet. looks like a bracket and a sock maybe the way forward
  2. thanks for the reply , I also see that Cookie have released a cage, I wonder if it will take anything but a cx100. straw poll more of a figure of speech rather than a yes/no reply.
  3. I've recently bought a 2k Fuzion with zkulls quick releases. Im after a straw poll of whether people are using a camera box in conjunction with a top mount and zkulls. Im going to buy a sony cx110 or variant. I see cookie do a box for the 500 or the 100/105 that would also fit a 110 and so do 2k, but apart from that its fairly spartan for choice. cheers
  4. could you post a link to the other thread please. Cant seem to find it either thanks
  5. not sure if this works with MAc but i use Videora its a handy little program
  6. You maybe able to get hold of one from Sonystyle. I managed to get one this way and have sidemounted it on my OPtik Illusion. I couldnt be happier with the setup, it feels solid and balanced. I've stuck it in a cookie composite box rarther than the Bonehead box, which didnt look as ergonomic as the Cookie, but heh thats a matter of taste
  7. heres the blurb from another thread;search_string=canon%20hv10;#2412882
  8. So it will interesting to see how long it takes Sony to replace the HDD with the solidstate drive then!! I'd like to see a working version of the SDR1 with the SSD in it. From the review its a shame that they didnt have another disk to prove ease of swappability (word?) rather than than just to show that its easy to crack open the case. I'm afraid i'm not that brave to buy a SDR1 and then try swapping it with the SSD ( when it becomes avaiable to the market and not just OEM's) But at least its a bit of hope. The HDR-HC7 looks a nice cam, but the dimensions and weight would surely mean top mounting, i'm guessing, but it certainly removes the issues with the currently available HDD's.
  9. out of interest how are you mounting your cam and on what Helmet? Thanks D
  10. Hi I'd really like some views/advise/peples thoughts on the future of camcorders suitable for jumping. From the Posts that i've read it seems that there is uncertainty on whether the new HDD cams will actually function at 13k. I read that they are only good to 8k (ish) so not much cop for falling out of planes at any height!!!. So that kind of leaves the options back to MiniDV. However Sony seem, very inconsiderately to the skydiving community to have moved away from producing nice small handycams , like the pc1000 in favour of, if quality is compaired, the hc-96, which is a bt more bulky and doesnt seem the best for sidemounting ( irealise some do, but as i'm only going to start flying a cam soon the sleeker the better, I'm not too keen at this stage to top mount a cam) So what to do? Get a lower spec cam that is smaller, Or possibly search around for a secondhand pc1000, or wait for someone to produce a HDD that is bomb proof like Minidv. Or Maybe even another manufacturor to come up with the goods, I see Canons new HD cam got a slating from several people on here. If people are going for lower spec cams how does the quality vary between say a pC1000 and a HC47, Is it that noticable? I realise there is a few questions in here so thanks for any replies Cheers D
  11. DommyG


    Brought an FF1 from 2k around May. The customer service was absolutely fantastic, so much so that when I drove down to their workshop to pick the lid up they made a new lining for me then and there so the helmet fit like a glove. I've been really pleased with the helmet, still really snug,comfortable and warm the audible is always loud and clear. For the sake of 5 quid between the ff1 and a gath theres no competition. Highly recommended.
  12. I brought a Merlin suit on a recommendation after getting to the upper levels of my AFF course. Firstly the staff at Merlin were brilliant, very accomadating and helpful. I ordered a rush job as I din't want to wait ay length of time, it arrived within 10 days (to the uk) and the quality is fabulous. Being new to the sport the knees are getting a good working out after a few dodgy landings, so its had a few washes and comes up like new each time. There are quite a few people jumping Merlins at the dropzone and I haven't heard any bad comments so far. I can't praise the staff or the product enough.