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  1. Those are the greatest of days for me at the Ranch. You, Connie, Ski & Donna were "Sky Gods" to me in '75 & '76. You and Ski are the one's that coached me on Style And Accuracy. Thx Again
  2. Ok, some of them are me. I put some names in the comments. I recognized most but could only remember some names. That Picture of us with the Ski and Donna is a great one. Thanks for the memories. Rick Whitlock
  3. Pat, great project. The Tampa Bay Parachute Ranch is where I started jumping at in 1975. Lots of fun had there with you, the Ski's, Allen Innes and the rest of the locals. I was there the day the landing gear left the Cessna and also have a picture of it leaned up against my motorcycle.
  4. I'm looking at the Florida Parachute Council News Letter for the February 28-29 1976 Tittusville Meet. The winner of the Trophy in question was Donna Chielewski. This was my 1st meet as an Intermediate jumper. I got 2nd place Accuracy, 5th in Style and 1st place Comination. Funny how I can't remember what I had for breakfast but remembered this like it was yesterday.
  5. Just saw this post today. I can till you who won that mug as soon as I get home from work. I was competing that year and should have the results in my scrap book. I would bet it was Donna Shemoliski (spelling?)
  6. ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) - A multi-million dollar judgment against your company, followed by a visit by the FOX 5 I-Team isn't a very happy way to start the New Year. FOX 5 I-Team reporter Randy Travis says a Kennesaw company has been in trouble for years. The company is 1-800-Skyride, a skydiving booking company responsible for all the bumper stickers seen stuck on utility poles around Metro Atlanta. Now the company is in bigger trouble somewhere else.
  7. Jan. 6 2010 News on the crap going on there. You may be able to see it again on you tube???? Way to go FOX. CR
  8. OK, where is this weekends report? How did it go? How many loads? who was there? etc., etc. CR
  9. I'll bring my Carpenters Gold box set. Satellite radio has a 24 hr ELVIS station....real mello
  10. Spence, don't spend money on a band or free beer. I want you to make a few bucks so you will do it again. People want to be able to talk and tell lies about how good we all are around the fire. We should be able to buy our own beer. Just make it happen man, the party will take care of itself
  11. Thanks Spence and Julie for a FANTASTIC time. I missed the first and last loads, made the four in the middle and was not cold at all. Great to see everyone again. AND YES, I am Popsjumper's brother. CR
  12. Crazy Rick will be there on saturday for his first jump in a year. Multipal broken bones!!