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  1. Try to put the switch between your lips and teeth just before deployment so you won't bite it. My tounge switches last about 800 jumps or so. Congrats on your pics.... Cheers, Tony
  2. See a doctor...mine was a torn rotator cuff. Good luck.
  3. I have used the sigma 15mm fisheye for about 2 years now and love it. Get close..anything beyond about 10 ft is useless. I try to stay within 2 to 3ft. Works on tandems, freeflying, or RW. Close enough to dock is what you should be thinking with this lens. The canon lens is good, but there is less vignetting with the sigma(and it's cheaper). Hope this helps.
  4. If you want one..I've got an extra one. I paid $80 for it. I'd expect the same plus whatever it takes to ship it. Let me know. Tony
  5. Try Pretty good prices. Cheers!
  6. I guess the post says it all. I'll be in Dallas for awhile, I usually jump in San Marcos or Skydive Houston, let me know which DZ to go to in Dallas. Blue Skies and Long Swoops, Tony
  7. I've got about 1200 video jumps on 120's and 135's with an exit weight of 220. only had 1 chop..packer didn't stow one brake line. Stilleto is a great canopy for video, it's not the best, but it does everything very good. Good swoops, good openings, and they don't need any special pack jobs. Jump the stilleto untill it bores you then check out a crossfire or a VX. As for spinning up...any fast canopy is going to do that, know your cutaway procedures and go have fun!
  8. I use a sigma 24mm(about $190 USD) on most jumps and set the camera on TV at 350 for RW and 500 for freeflying. I use manuall focus set at about 1 meter for most jumps. RW set at just under infinity(just over 2 meters), works fine. On freefly jumps I like to use a 15mm fisheye by sigma(about $420 USD) set to about .75 meters. Get close and don't worry about the background, it distracts from the subject of the picture. It is very difficult to fly for both the video and the picture, decide wich one you like the most and you will develope your own style.
  9. Sony...without a doubt. Because you WILL break this thing, and Sony kicks ass with their customer service and repair work. Dont' even ask how I know this......that's a whole different story.
  10. It's depth of field. If you have a sunny day, you should be able to set the camera shutter priority(about 350-500) and it should turn out fine.That will use a smaller aperture(larger number..about 12-16). Or you can use aperture priority and set it on about 16(it will use a slower shutter speed though and you will get some blur off jump suits). Don't worry about the background, fill the frame with your subject and you'll get some great pics. Blue Skies and Long Swoops, Tony
  11. Put the camera on TV(shutter priority), set the shutter speed at 350 or 500. Buy a UV filter(about $15 to $20) or a circular polarizer(you will have to tape it in place). A 20,24 or 28mm lens will work fine for most pics. And stay close to your subject. Also, a good refrence book is The Photographer's Handbook by John Hedgecoe. You will be suprised what a camera can do. Hope this helps. Blue Skies and Long Swoops, Tony
  12. I have a paper clip bent in half with gaffers tape wrapped around the clip and the bottom part of the light. Cut a hole in the linner and just let it stick through about 1/2 inch. Headdown,tandem,and RW video for about 1200 problems. Hope this helps. Blue Skies and Long Swoops, Tony