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  1. I just want to quote upon my personal foul ups with respect to these issues, 1st jump from a C208 at 12,000 ft, the second a C206 from 9000 ft. Jump 1: 2 way, funneled, seperated and tracked away, fell to 4,500(ft) waved off turned away, tracked, waved off, opened (3500ft) Jump 2: 2 way, funneled, seperated, turned so we looked at each other side on , fell to 4,500(ft) waved off turned away, tracked, waved off, opened (3500) What we learnt from the first jump (We are both quite new to the RW area of the sport, but you don't need to begin on the jump with a pro first story!) is we had failed to communicate what we would do with a funnel siuation. When I released and waved, my partner assumed it was "wave off this isn't going to work" and she tracked away from me. This wasn't my intention but as we were too far to get back together, I turned and observed her until reaching our agreed seperation height, at this point I turned began tracking and checked the direction of her track, this was 180 degrees from me so fine, 5 seconds later, waved off and opened. On the second jump we agreed that if we funneled then we would seperate and whoever was lower stayed and whoever was higher droppped. We funneled again big time but our height difference was too great by the time we were both stable and had found each other, we both turned so we were looking sideways at each other and continued our fall to 4500 ft, then waved, turned, tracked, waved opened. My questions are; 1) Did we do the correct and therfore safe thing in both jumps ? 2) If this was an RW jump with a larger group would the same principle work safely? Thanks in advance for comments.
  2. I choose Teuge because it is about 20 minutes from where I live. I had visited other drop zones and chose Teuga because of the professional and safe feeling it gave me, and of course it's proximity! I was not disapointed with my choice, the staff were very helpful and knowledgable.