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  1. Hi, A few of us canadians are heading down to Eloy tomorrow and have tunnel time booked in half hour blocks 630 on 2 mar, and at 1010 3,4,5 Mar. I really can't afford Airspeed coaching so if there's anyone that's interested in some free tunnel time that can help us out in these blocks we'd be happy to pay 25 dollars per person per 15 minute block to help us out. I know it's short notice but I didn't think of using this forum like this until now. For the most part we're belly fliers looking for 2 and 3 way stuff. Maybe some 4 way as well later on in the week. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Glenn
  2. I don't suppose you know of anyone who has worked on or can answer any questions about parachute de france gear? I realise that they don't deal in North America but I've managed to aquire a new line set for a PdF Merit 190 and the line lengths differ significantly in length from my exisiting lines. I've read a post stating that there may have been an upgrade but getteing info from the company is quite difficult. There is also only one mark on the end of the lines unlike the red and black mark on PD line sets. The lines are also numbered different from the normal ABCD 12345. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.[email]
  3. Was there a large difference in line lenghts between your old and new lines? I just received a new line set for my Merit 190 and they are up to 9 inches (22cm) longer than the old lines. This is a concern to my rigger.
  4. I have a new line set for my Merit 190 but the lines compare at up to 9 inches longer than the old lines. Furthermore there is only one mark on the end of the lines that attach to the canopy vice a red and a black like on the PD Line sets. Does anyone have any experience in re-lining Parachute de France canopies? Please help me if you can. The company is incredibly hard to deal with.