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  1. crotalus01

    Predicting cloud coverage

    The best way is go to the DZ and look up. You can't jump if you're not at the DZ. Seriously, it can be solid cover 3 miles away but jumpable at the DZ.
  2. crotalus01

    Mr. Bill?

    Good thing Sluggo held that PC until he got his leg back around it for a clean deployment.
  3. Have you ever been tested for Lyme disease?
  4. crotalus01

    Beautiful DZs

    The DZ in Ber'Sheva Israel has some great ocean/desert views but I am not sure they fly during the week.
  5. crotalus01

    First Skydive Headache

    No its not normal.
  6. crotalus01

    Aggressive Downsizing?!?

    Here is your answer: "I have talked to my DZO's my instructors and they think its ok once I finish my A-license and have seen me under canopy. "
  7. crotalus01

    Oklahoma Skydiving Center

    I read some bad reviews on here so I was wary, but as this was the only DZ within 50 miles of my campsight (and they had a Cessna 206 which I had never jumped before) I decided to give OSC a shot. Boy am I glad I did. This DZ is geared towards Tandems. However, The day I was there they had 9 AFF students, and a group of exchange students doing tandems, and I still managed to get a jump in in the 3 hours I was there (albeit a solo). The staff and locals are super friendly (even Manifest!). The landing area is HUGE, and mostly obstacle free (watch out for the rolls of hay though). And the airplane (Cessna 206)...I have 1 jump from a 186 (hate it) and multiple jumps from a 195 (love it). This is more like the 195, it has a large door, a large step over the wheel to help get to the strut, and holds 5 people pretty comfortably. The pilot is really good, he even spots for you (personally I spotted as well but he was right on the money). He cut the speed so much that when I left the plane for about 3 or 4 seconds it felt like a helicopter jump. Overall a very positive experience and I wish I had had time to do a couple more jumps. The biggest drawback was the damn wind - every time I have been in OK it has been windy, but DAMN - I really wanted to jump, because the winds were blowing a steady 8 and gusting to 32! Fortunately the landing area is so friggin huge if you just take time to plan your pattern (and are willing to walk a bit) you can get some pretty clean air to land in even with the gusty conditions. I do recommend this dropzone. A fun airplane, friendly locals, and nice scenery. I gave the lowest rating (1) to Services only because there is no N/A rating.
  8. crotalus01

    Skydiving in China.

    I have been all over Asia, and your best bet would be Japan. Thailand and Laos both have the occasional boogie but nothing I am aware of as far as a "regular" dropzone.
  9. crotalus01


    LOL....I have been all over Asia and the closest I know of would be in Japan.
  10. crotalus01

    Backpack/skydive in Asia

    You would need your A license and your own gear before you left for Asia as there are very very few places that I know of where you could complete AFF in Asia (Japan maybe). I have been all over Asia and have seen virtually no dropzones. Notable exceptions are annual boogies held in Thailand and Laos, and there are dropzones in Japan and I believe Malaysia (wouldnt swear to it though).
  11. crotalus01

    Learning progression?

    44 views and no advice? Surely someone has some advice for me. Obviously i am not going to be docking on my buddy and doing 2 stacks forever - should I let him dock on me next? Try and do a side by side? I want to keep it relatively simple and as safe as possible until I have the $$$ to refit my canopy to be more CRW friendly - currently I am flying a Safire 189 with microline, my buddy is flying a F-111 220 with Dacron. Both have trailing PCs. I am having my rigger install 2 to 1s on my risers in the next month so I can use my front risers more effectively. A retractable PC and dacron lines are my next mod. Any suggestions (other than CRW camp, no money or vacation time for that - have to learn where I am with what I have)....
  12. What is the total number of jumps to complete the canopy course? I am very interested but want to know I have enough $$$ to cover all the jumps.