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  1. Soooooo supa excited to see your endorsing this event and not the one with Plamer... xoxo Skittles
  2. yaay!! i am so excited...when is everyone arriving? i will be there and raring to go on the 30th...
  3. miami, usually 3rd weekend of 'ends' the winter music conference. tickets don't go on sale usually til december, they will announce the dates around that time. see you there!!
  4. checkout strongarm sessions-elite force...
  5. what a sad sad day.... pj was always a welcome sight for sore eyes each time our paths crossed, be it in nj, fl or somewhere along the way. i will always remember our times on the packing mat, his razor sharp wit and twisted humor, and all the amazing encounters i had with him. my heart is with my xkeys family, if i can be of any help or comfort to you, please do not hesitate to call. with love, erin
  6. mmm....guilty pleasure is a good way to put it!! i record it on the dvr and ff the commercials the next day!!! decadence at its best! i am a huge fan of ulli, but i think that michael is my favorite...he will definitely be in the final 3!
  7. i first met mariann when i was at skydive dallas for about 2 months in the summer time of 2001. i went there not knowing a soul and she was this amazing person who instantly made me feel so welcome, showing me around, introducing me to so many incredible people (who i wouldn't know today if it hadn't been for her!!), making me feel like one of the crowd. what a dynamic woman! i remember seeing her walking around the dz, i was trying to figure out what sort of jumping she was into-in the matter of one day i watched her strut by doing rw, student jumps, freefly and swooping...she was flawless in everything, a real role model for the person i wanted to be, in skydiving and as a human being. i could only hope to be so well rounded and amazing like her-she was just contagious. after i left dallas and continued on my journeys, i saw mariann all over the place-chicago, perris, new england, nj, fl....she always was so energetic and beautiful and sparkly, and had so many nice things to say (and she had the greatest voice) and such great hugs to give. we 'ripped it up' on several dance floors and always had a blast being 'shiny' (arlo, that is just the best way to say it!!) when we saw each other. i will miss our occasional meetings and catch up sessions, smoking in the girls room, dancing, cheering, smiling and loving....the world is a mcuh esser place with out this beautiful incredible talented woman. she touched so many people, and her light will burn bright in each soul she touched. my thoughts and energy are with all of mariann's friends and families, immediate and extended, but especially those at sdd and in the swooping community, where our friendship first sparked and grew. i love you mariann! until we see each other again, erin
  8. toyed with the idea of being erin golden-brown, but just stuck with brown :) we thought we would save the humour for our kids!!
  9. i am so sad to hear of this too!! terry was one of my first aff jumpmasters and mentors also. our condolences are with terry's family (immediate and 'extended') and friends as well......sending cosmic hugs to all.... :( erin
  10. pink floyd-most all, but especially dark side paul oakenfold-global underground 1, new york
  11. golden-brown


    any idea of when last night's show will re-air?? i set my dvr to record, but it got the last part of the football game and cut out about 10 minutes prior to the ending!!! arrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!
  12. there are no words to describe our shock and sadness over this. our thoughts and comfort are with waldo's family and friends, especially our orange family down in va. waldo was a truly amazing person who touched lives in an unbelievable way. he will be dearly missed by those who knew him well, as well as those whose lives he touched for just a brief moment. thinking of big hugs, a huge smile and a good laugh from our dear friend...... with all our love, erin and dave
  13. duh?! the brown's will be there....can't wait to party with y'all like last year.....we are so stoked!!! loveya eb
  14. One question, will the Brown's be ref'ing Drunken Dodgeball again?!?! Awwwww geez. yes, so get ready to git yer game on.... see ya in a few!!!
  15. i just quit this morning, cold turkey! it feels really good, and is definitely a long time coming!!