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  1. Hi all, has anyone out there removed the liner from their factory diver? i have a couple of mates who work with composites and paint and are gonna fix and then airbrush the hell out of it. I do however, want to take the liner out so everything looks neat. any help appreciated
  2. cheers for both replies... are sony able to change the zoom any other way? If it was zoomed all the way out, i would still be able to jump it. otherwise i have 2 useless pieces of plastic!! cheers
  3. This is a plea to the technical minds out there.... i have two PC105's, each with a different fault. The zoom toggle on the right side of the camera is not working on one which if it was stuck zoomed all of the way out would still be jumpable as the focus ring works but its not!! even if the toggle is not easily repaired, is there a way to change the zoom to wide? The second camera will not play or record a tape but still fast-forwards and rewinds. You cannot cue either when fast-forwarding etc. All other functions on both cameras work fine so even if i could get one working camera from the two i would be happy... help??
  4. The stowing of the excess brake line is the only bad thing i have to say about the whole rig!! ( but i am quickly getting used to it) The dive loops however are awesome!!
  5. Take Glycosimine sulphate (guess at the correct spelling) miricle supplement for joint repairs. forget about using neoprene braces... if you're gonna need a brace invest in a hard brace
  6. I had my left knee reconstructed 18 months ago after folding it 100 deg to the side. I was out for 7 months, 27 days... As an Airforce Parachute Jump Instructor, the type of descent changes day by day. I wear a carbon fibre knee brace only when jumping Roundies or doing any night jumping with equipment (pack) attached. Since coming back my knee hasn't hindered me at all in sport jumping. just strenthen it up don't rush into it.
  7. Hey dude, Here is a link i found here that talks about nearly all sony .models. As for the HC 38, it doesn't have a LANC port so is not compatible with the Cam eye. Blus stuff
  8. Here's one i took of our Brit exchange instructor whilst following some of our students on a military HAHO jump. Just about deleted it as he was quite far away but zoomed in, and this is what i got. This was @ 7000' over Whenuapai Airbase in New Zealand.
  9. What does "c/w" stand for? Sorry military jargon for 'complete with'
  10. cheers for that mate, yeah i can see your point, i have worked with other defense forces around the world and have seen first hand some very deep and loose pockets in regards to procuring new equipment. for us there are so many hoops we have to jump through we have to make sure we get the most 'bang for our buck' as once our long process has started, changing our minds is out of the question. We definitely have to justify our spending. We have just over 3000 people in our Airforce! chairs T
  11. yeah i have heard about the HC7 shaking. That was the one we were originally looking at. Over here it is $2,500 NZD and the HC5 is only $1,999. $1 NZ = @ $0.85 US. we were warned off hard drive ones as they apparently switch off. We use them to film students for debriefing and the occasional tandem. No hard core freeflying done at work (except in our dreams!!) cheers for the info
  12. cheers for that, what are your thoughts on the Sony HC5 & HC7? In NZ the HC7 is more exspensive but looking around the forums every one seems to prefer the HC5?
  13. umm chairs? obviously some serious issues between you and your own tax / defense departments? You may have misunderstood the meaning of money is no option... We have instructors in our unit which is the only one of its kind in our country. Our previous systems have been in use for @ 8 years now and are ragged from being handed around everyone. The boss has had to haggle and "save" with our budget just to get approval. I don't know about your defense budget, but ours is definitely not a bottomless pit! We just want to the best cameras we can as there replacements may come long after we have left. Also, most of us do sport jumping and have our own kit, (not allowed to used work gear), that we have saved with our hard-earned cash... but cheers again for the input
  14. Yeah, its awesome. I can just relax and worry about myself and my jump instead of everyone else on the aircraft! At the moment our civi org is sorting out cross-crediting our military qualifications to civi ones eg. static line jumpmaster / instructor etc...