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  1. It's an M2 sized for 150 reserve but I have Optimum 160 there. Acceptable by Mirage standards. It's a little tight, but nothing crazy.
  2. -- Rigger felt like they were confused by the photo in the Mirage manual. They acknowledged the error and notified other clients with Mirage rig. -- Mirage Sys is going to amend their manual with specific instructions not to tuck reserve PC fabric around the bag and under the flaps or something else to that effect. That's what I have for now. Hope this post is useful and shows how important it is to actually read the instructions and not only look at the pictures. Shows value of applying common sense as well.
  3. It was stuck mechanically. I was able to release it only when I put it on the floor and pulled pc towards the top of the container
  4. Hi All, my reserve was due so I decided to pull the handle and see how it works with main packed in. Photos show what I ended up with. Looks like the skirt of the reserve pc was tucked tight under the flaps and was preventing the pc from deploying. Am I overdramatizing things saying that Cypress fire would probably not save me with this setup? I tried to buck and shake it and all and was able to dislodge the pc but it still got stuck under the bottom flap and was hanging from the container. I managed to grab it with my hand and was NOT able to pull in out with the reasonable amount of force. I have a video of that which I will add later. What do you guys think? Happy Birthday to me? I'm wondering how many other clients of the same rigger are currently jumping this.
  5. it's 'freefly PAD'. my bad. it comes with tab that's tucked under right flap.
  6. I switched from regular to semi-stowless bag on my Mirage G4.1 a while ago and immediately noticed that the bulk distribution changed now that most of the lines are against the back of the container as opposed to the bottom of the container in the original configuration. I have a freefly tab and noticed there's a lot less tension on it now that the bottom of the container is sort of hollow and soft. It wasn't a problem until the last jump when I discovered my pc 1/4 of the way out of the pouch and flapping in the wind on pull time. I know the day was hot and humid and canopy packed really small and I should have probably tighten closing loop a bit, but still. I think the new line arrangement changes bulk distribution radically enough to present a problem in certain circumstances. I'm wondering what's everyone's opinion on this and how to deal with it.
  7. Makes sense, thanks Riggerrob! They are 'mini-force' rings but looks like 3 ring housings on my mirage are large enough to accommodate them. I'll show it to some one before jumping though. Thanks again!
  8. Is it OK to use Aerodyne 21 inch risers on Mirage G4, the white loop being quite a bit longer then standard Mirage loop. I myself don't see any problems, but what do I know...
  9. I was always wondering about rationale behind this, why would they even bother to set up this 'no fire' altitude. Surelyi it cant make things worse if it fires below 130 agl, are they trying to save a cutter for the estate of the unlucky skydiver? Can anyone explain?
  10. Thank you very much! Good stuff! Does this mean though that newer systems e.g. Mirage g4.1 don't have to be tested under latest standards and still be considered TSOed and legal to be sold in the U.S?
  11. Simply not true. There are rigs on the market today that were certificated under C23b ( Mirage is one ) and under C23c ( Infinity is one ). Just to clarify things, JerryBaumchen can you please elaborate on this a little bit? Are some of those standard not as stringent as others? What's the difference in laymen terms? Thanks
  12. I'm not a rigger and it sounds like valid point, but all rigs manufactured and sold in the U.S. went through testing and approval process under TSO C23D. I presume they all comply and reserve opening time difference is minimal from rig to rig, isn't that so?
  13. I was trying to decide between Mirage, Infinity and Wings, Mirage in that exact order. Ended up ordering Mirage through Rigs and Things. It was only couple of hundred $$ more expensive compared to other 2 after loading them all with options, which was worth for me. Infinity had longer production time by 2 or 3 weeks. Infinity and Wings are considered cheaper rigs, which is not really true any longer, they are pretty much in the same price range with Mirage. They are both nice rigs, don't get me wrong, I just like Mirage better. I'm sure you'll be happy with any of those rigs. Good luck!
  14. Thanks! It doesn't feel as snug as I'd like it to be, but I'm comfortable with it now. I think it's snug and safe enough. I'm just not trying too hard to squeeze all the air out of the canopy, makes my life easier